Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sew Day... Hurray!

I took a break from the bag to sew another project I have been working on. I actually would have had it done weeks ago and in a day, but I got my nickels picked out and promptly forgot about it.

A few weeks ago... times about a few... (April 08) I entered a contest on a blog and on the 12th of April I found out I had won! It was so exciting. Just about a week and a bit later this wonderful book

and these beautiful charms, landed in my mailbox.

Thanks Barb and Mary from Me and My Sisters Designs for the great big hug filled with inspiration!

Well, I couldn't bare to cut into the charms right away and decided to cut some nickels from my stash and try the cover quilt. I have searched hi and lo for the charm pack from the cover quilt here in Canada with no luck at all, so a dear friend of mine from NY is getting them for me and bringing them with her next time she comes... Thanks Laila!

Winning a prize is very exciting, especially when it is one that is so wonderful! I love this book and it will be a great inspiration for making baby quilts or just fun little lap quilts. Each little quilt uses only one charm pack. The book is well written and the one thing I love about it, is the pictures. Every quilt has at least 3 charm choices so if you can't find the exact one you are looking for you can use something different or find a charm pack that is close.

Of course, I love all the Moda Charm Packs. I wish I had a sewing room full of them! so having this new black and white charm pack was a great asset to my creativity. Wait till you see the lovely little bag i made with some of them! (not today, its not finished!)

Anyway... here is what I made. the Pattern is called Leslie. the finished size is 33" square and will make the perfect "picnic" quilt for the girls to sit and eat and watch TV on. They will love it because it is mostly purple and pink and it will be just their size. Now to quilt it!

Have you won any prizes on line... I would love to hear what it was and what you did with it. Leave a comment!

Note: When you are sewing do you work on two quilts at once. I always do!

Here's my box of blocks to be sewn together! and some of the completed stitching!

I have a little box beside my machine that holds the pieces for a second quilt that is just mostly sewing squares together, or making half square triangles. I join two of these blocks at the beginning of the first row of sewing my main project and finish off with another square and  I press these pieces as I press my main project and it isn't long before I have a completed project, just ready to put together!

The benefits are that you aren't always cutting your threads at the end of a row of stitching and your machine is ready for you when you start your next row. Some people use a little scrap to start and finish, but I figure why waste time and thread. And it is very exciting to see the pile of finished blocks grow!

See the blocks at the left side.
They are attached to the main quilt at the seams.
I will just clip them off and press them
at the same time I am pressing my quilt.


Karen said...

Where can you get the Leslie quilt pattern? I have looked and can't find it.

AimeeDP said...

Love that little wall-hanging! I bought the book as well for the Napanee Guild Library.