Thursday, May 23, 2013


I forgot.....

byAnnie has agreed to still give away one of the little finishing kits even though there were only 7 comments.

I listed all the comments as they came in and went to visit Mr Random... and here is what he had to say!

I am so excited for Commentator #1. She actually commented 3 times, but I only counted her once. And for the longest time she was the only commentator, so I think the "shoe" fits perfectly.

Thanks Aimee, Amy, Karen, Debra Lee(3)  for playing along... Aimee, I will be in touch!

Sewing buddies at camp... that's me top left!
We had so much fun!

I hope you are enjoying my sew-a-long. See you tomorrow with the next instalment!


AimeeDP said...

Well, I guess that means I'll have to make that teeny tiny bag, and also give you a lesson on right/left in photos....a mistake I have made many many times in many many cutlines!

Subbysis said...

I understand Aimee's MSG now! You are the one on the left. I went to comment about it but Aimee beat me to it.