Tuesday, May 14, 2013

"it's for the Birds" blog hop and more....

My turn is tomorrow... please come visit!

I finished my project today! Last minute Annie! Good thing I was on the last day! Can't wait to share with you.

This last week was crazy for me. I was just starting to feel good and my daughter (who is 33) had a terrible accident.

She was involved in a 30 day Facebook squat challenge and tore her thigh muscle while running from home base in a "fun" baseball practice. The pain has been excruciating for her and it has been a real concern for us. She has 3 small children and has not been in any shape to look after them. Her friends have pitched in and her Dad and I have done everything we could to help. The prognosis... It will probably take 6 weeks to 3 months to completely heal!

Monkey see, Monkey do!

For anyone who is curious... a normal Ck level for a woman is between 96 and 140 (38 to 174 in a man)... (Creatine Kinase... is present in all the muscles of the body). My daughters was almost 1000. Which told the doctors right away that her muscle was severely damaged. They blame the 200 squats she was doing a day for the trauma on the muscle, but the running caused the final damage. So... no more squats (ever) for her!
Here's my sew-a-long ready to go!
I am so excited... can't wait to get going!

My sew-a-long will start later this week and unfortunately no one commented so I won't be doing a draw. I wondered if there was a problem with my comments because! NO ONE COMMENTED! I thought about giving it another shot.

And I think I will... 

Starting today. If you are interested in the great prize from By Annie, leave a comment here (todays blog post) to let me know what you will do with the prize if you win. You will have to go back to this blog post to see what it is, so you will know how to answer. You won't have to sew-a-long, if you don't want to, but you will need to have a plan, to comment. I will give everyone until the 20th to comment on this blog about the giveaway!

When life gives me lemons, I love to look
at this picture of these two cuties... (My grandchildren... Cousins)
It always makes me smile!

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Amy said...

That is terrible about your daughter! I hope she gets well soon, especially with little ones running around the house. Found you through Sew We Quilt hop. As for the giveaway, I would use them to make some purses or bike bags for my kiddos or nieces! That picture of your grandchildren is too adorable.