Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sewing machines...

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I think I have loved every sewing machine I have ever owned.

I started with my little Singer Stylist, that we moved from Ontario to New Brunswick, back to Ontario and then to BC, where it didn't get much use because we weren't anywhere near a fabric store, then to Alberta and then back to Ontario.
Singer Stylist
I owned it 12 years.
After a few years in Ontario, I wanted something a little more up to date with a few toys on it so I bought my Brand new Pfaff 1475 which to this day I love. It has been my all time favorite machine.

The love of my life... my wonderful Pfaff 1475
I have owned it 25 years
It wasn't long and I needed to do embroidery so I bought a nice little Baby Lock.

Babylock Ellageo
I owned it 8 years
Then I wanted something that was a little more modern for embroidery, so I bought a used Husqvarna Designer 1 and sold the Baby Lock.
Husqvarna Designer 1
I owned it 2 years
Bernina 830
I have owned it 3 years
 A couple of years ago, after 22 great years of service, I wanted something bigger and better than my Pfaff and so I bought a Bernina 830! Wow, what a machine!

 I sold the Husqvarna and then I got a great deal on a brand new Bernina 730 when all the new Bernina 700's came out, and I use it primarily for a travelling machine... to classes, retreats etc. ( I take my Pfaff too)

Bernina 730
I have owned it 5 months

Now I just have the Pfaff 1475, the Bernina 830 and The Bernina 730, and an old old Singer.

Old Singer
I have owned it 10 years

Oh...  and my Gammill

My Gammill classic Plus
I have owned my Gammill 10 Years

And finally my poor, hardly used Babylock Imagine Serger!

My Imagine serger
I have owned it 10 years
  I love them all. It would be hard to part with any of them, but I have to say, My 830 is my favorite now. If I was told I had to sell every sewing machine but one, I am pretty sure I would have to keep the 830... (and my Pfaff... I could never part with it!... and my serger... and the Gammill..., well no sense just selling one... I would keep the 730 as well!)

How about you... do you love ALL your sewing machines. I bet you don't just have one, do you?

I just saw this quilt finished at a quilt show yesterday.
 I need to get mine done.
Just 2 more borders.
I will make it a priority right after... the 15 other priorities I have! LOL

 Things I found on the Internet...

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