Tuesday, June 29, 2010


OK, I am wondering if starting your day out, not knowing what the heck your planning on doing all day isn't better than laying in bed, late at night wondering why you are trying to figure out what you are going to do tomorrow, when you are so tired from doing today that all you want to do is go to bed and never get up! And, when you plan to do something, like make a list before you go to bed, you should add, LAST night, that sometime tomorrow you will take a piece of paper and a pen up to place beside your bed SO when you go to bed, you can make a list for the day after!!!!!!!

It was a GREAT idea, while it lasted!

I have 6 number 1's on my list. Every time I wrote something down I thought it was more important than the thing I wrote down before it. After a while I just numbered everything #1. This morning I realized, that I forgot a lot of important things on my list. #1. Breathing; that seems to me to be a very important part of a day, don't you think? #2 Eating; also very important. #3 Watch the Ball game; not so important considering what the Jays are up to these days, but it didn't appear on my list anywhere.  #4 Spending time with the Grandchildren; Actually more important than all three of the others... I think I will move it to #1... no breathing is more important than grandchildren, and eating is pretty important... oh WHATEVER! I have had it with these lists!

I am about to restart my life's journey, with out a list and hopefully everything I NEED to get done will get done!

I am so excited about this new thread I have been ordering. I am almost totally out of stock on the INVISAFIL and had to re-order yesterday and when I did, I ordered every colour. Can't wait for it to arrive. It's such a great thread and has so many uses. Its the best thread to put in your bobbin for machine embroidery, machine applique or machine quilting and if you use it on top of your machine where you would normally use invisible thread I guarantee you will love it. There is no shine where you have stitched just this wonderful almost invisible thread. And it seems to bury itself deep down in the fibres, never to be seen again.  It's 110 wt 2 ply soft polyester and it can be ironed and if you have a long arm or other high speed sewing machine it is ideal for using on them. 

And if you are looking for variegated thread, Check out my shop in the next few days. I have ordered a full line of the TUTTI, 50 wt cotton variegated thread. It is beautiful thread for quilting or embroidery and comes in 41 shades.  Go to  www.wonderfil.net for more information on these great threads.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday...It's a new week!

This is my New York Beauty which is way more finished than this, but it is one of the quilts that will go on the frame this week for sure!

I am so looking forward to this week. I am planning on getting so much done.  Here is my list.

1. Get book work out of the way!
2. Sew for at least 3 hours each day!!
3. Quilt 2 quilts on my long arm!!!
4. Walk at least 20 minutes each day listening to Neil Diamond and humming along!!!!

This weekend I was watching the Quilt Show with Laura Cater-Woods. I am afraid her work is a little too artsy for this traditional old quilter, but she did make some interesting points. (this is a picture of her work from her blog http://www.cater-woods.com/weblog/)

The one that stuck in my head the most is when she said she likes to make her list of things to do, last thing at night, before she goes to bed. That way, her mind isn't processing all that stuff throughout the night and she sleeps and rests. And the "things to do" have a place to rest all night as well. I often have that problem where I go to bed at night with a thousand thoughts of what to do the next day or what I need to accomplish and spend most of the night hashing things over. By the time I get up, nothing has a sense or purpose and I go to bed the next night with many of the same tasks sitting in my head. Well my brain is messed up enough as it is without adding all that stress to it, so I plan to try this technique. Starting today!
The second thing I liked was when she was asked, "where do you get your inspiration from?" she said, "She is inspired everyday, by the things and people around her". What a great way of looking at it. I think sometimes we are so busy looking for inspiration we miss the trees for the forest. So I am going to walk, listen to Neil Diamond or Ed Ames, and get inspired ( or lose weight, which ever comes first. LOL)

Last but not least, she reminded me to tell you about Misty Fuse. It is such a great product and I like it way better than Steam a Seam ( lite or any other version). I have tried it and it is marvellous to use. Easy and forgiving as well as not gummy when you sew with it and it has so many great uses besides good old stick and paste applique! I ordered three kinds, black, white and Ultra violet and they will be up on my web store today. www.mystore.notionnanny.ca They are sold by the yard and once you try them you will never look back. I will put the instructions  for use of each up on my website, a new section which I will get going today  so you will always have a place to go to find out how to use the notions, that you have lost the instructions for.  I do it all the time and I bet you do too. www.notionnanny.ca

Friday, June 25, 2010

And the Earth Shakes!

Apparently, we had an earth quake here the other day. I didn't feel it, but Victor said he felt it in Trenton. The woman across the street from me said it woke her out of a sound sleep; rattled her windows apparently. The only thing I wondered is how any one had time to sleep in the middle of the afternoon!!!

Yesterday was going to be a sew day at my Friend Marg's new shop. I am not sure when I can officially stop calling it "new". Maybe after her Grand Opening on Saturday. Check out my website for more information on how to get to her shop. www.notionnanny.ca.

Anyway, didn't get to be a sew day, more like a gab fest. I saw some old, dear friends at the store and we had a great chat. One of them in particular is a friend who weaves. I always wanted to learn how to weave, but never made the step. I am pretty glad now as she has given up quilting to weave and I could never give up quilting. But I promised to go to her house some time soon and see all her new stuff.

When I got home I had a parcel waiting at my door; more treasurers for my store. I decided, that I have a problem.  I mean really, who gets excited over rulers and pins and SEAM RIPPERS! It's an addiction! I unpacked the box, stroked each lovely notion, read the instructions, and placed them carefully in their new beds. Its amazing the satisfaction you can get just from opening a box! Some of my new toys will be posted to  www.mystore.notionnanny.ca this weekend but today is my day off! I refuse to touch anything new! I have a gift to make for tomorrow and I need to get busy and do it.

Victor has been away for the week and I figured I would have a very productive week. My friend Laila must have been super motivated after I left her on Tuesday. She sent me a list of all the stuff she finished this week and my head was spinning just trying to keep up. Way to go! Laila.

I need to clean my desk off! That will be my first job today! Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sew Fest...

I just got back from Laila's and I had the best time ever. (forgot my camera, so no pictures... boo who!) Everyone should have a sew fest with a good friend, especially when you are having it at such a beautiful spot My friends have a cottage with a beautiful view across the lake and plenty of nature to enjoy. The wildlife isn't wild there, in fact, a blue jay almost snatched a peanut right out of Ed's hands. Not to mention the racoon, who I now know was a mommy from her begging pose, came and gently scratched on the screen door looking for her nightly supper. I saw an Eagle soaring over the lake and a mother Loon with her 2 babies swimming peacefully by. But the best part was watching the daddy woodpecker, feed his baby and teach him how to "peck' on the tree... And in between all that, I managed to get some sewing done!

I worked on a little Square in a Square project. (the one on the front cover of this book), first time I had ever used the ruler and I really liked it. It's like paper piecing without the paper. A lot of waste though, so if you are anal about wasting fabric, it may not be the project for you. But if you like paper piecing, you will love Square in a Square. The project I was doing started out to be 9 blocks and ended up being 4. Not sure how I missed the part that said "advanced" (it was sort of the name of the book... LOL) when I was choosing the block, but I did. And reading is a very important part of doing the techniques. I suggest if you can't (or don't) read instructions, you might want to try the beginners techniques. The pictures are excellent, but they don't tell the whole story. My project is a little lopsided, and I was going to hide it permanently from all enquiring eyes, but I have decided, that the ten foot rule will have to apply! Nanny says, "Stand back from my quilt!". For viewings, you will have to travel to the upstairs bathroom. Seems to me the walls may just be slanted enough up there to make this little quilt look perfect!

After almost completing the square in a square, I made another bucket tote. This time with beige fabrics and 6 inch squares. I love this tote! I think I have made 6 of them. I will have to source that pattern and add it to my store. Hopefully I will have it lined by tomorrow so I will post a picture then. In the mean time here is a link to a thread holder that is made in pretty much the same way
These make great gifts so check it out!

Monday, June 21, 2010

The Nutcracker... done at last... but not Quilted!

I have had a very busy weekend. I spent most of it working on my store website. I loaded all the products that have arrived so far and it took me the better part of Saturday and Sunday to do it. But the good news is... I am expecting more this week! So stay tuned... www.mystore.notionnanny.ca

Thursday and Friday were great sew days last week. I worked on the Nutcracker and it is finally finished. Now all I have left to do is quilt it. but it won't be today or tomorrow. I am on my way to my friend Laila's for a two day sew fest. I have been looking forward to this for weeks and now it is finally here. I phoned Laila yesterday to firm up all the arrangements, but I could hear it in her voice that she was thinking I was calling to cancel. tee hee... fooled you! I am really coming. I am very excited, all packed and ready to go. I am taking a project that I have wanted to try... one of the square in a square quilts. I thought it would be a good time to try it out as normally I look around my sewing room and think I have enough on the go. So this will be a great opportunity to work on it and see if I like the technique. You'll hear, I am sure!

Speaking of trying things out, I am taking my new Gypsy Sit Upon as well. In fact I am sitting on it as we speak. I always have back issues and I have tried every ergonomic chair that has come on the market to help straighten my spine while I sit. (remember those chairs that you knelt on.. hmmmmm!) this is kinda bumpy though, although the longer I sit on it the less I notice. And it is squishy... as you move it sort of rolls under your behind. When you lean forward or side to side,  it comes with you but it seems to keep pressure under your tailbone. The box says," Sit comfortably for hours while quilting, sewing, reading, driving and more. Softly inflated flexible disc prevents fatigue (good news!) and reduces pressure on the tailbone. Helps relieve lower back pain, strengthens core muscles (if you have any left) and improves posture. Nubby texture ( the little bumbs I was telling you about) allows cooling air flow, and promotes improved blood circulation.(hmmmm more blood to my butt... interesting) Durable purple rubberized material remains soft and pliable. One size fits all! (Good news there! LOL) "

Well so far it seems to be working but we will see when I have "Sat Upon" it for a while..

I am off to sew, unlikely I will be here tomorrow, but you never know. CYA!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday.... ahhhhhh

"My Kinda House Plant"

I love Fridays. it's the end of another glorious week. I managed to do some sewing and some gardening this week.

Wednesday night my granddaughter slept over and when we got up yesterday morning, we had a job to do. Opa and Mya had planted sunflower seeds in a pot and they had grown almost a foot high. They needed to be planted. So off we went.

Mya who is just 4 past, is a dainty little thing and hopefully I will be able to teach her how to quilt someday, because she will never be a gardener, (much like her Oma). First, we needed gloves. I always wear gloves when I garden. I am not one of those people who enjoy the feel of dirt, sifting through my fingers. And if I needed them so did she. I managed to find a pair of Opa's work gloves and I put those on and she wore my gloves. Once we got out side, I had to carry her across the grass because it was wet and she was getting grass and dirt on her feet. There was a rock about 5 feet away from the little patch of soil that we were planning on putting the flowers into and she perched herself on the rock and sent directions my way. I asked her to come and dig the hole but she didn't want to get dirt on my gloves... and so I dug the hole and planted the plants while she banged the little shovel I had given her on the rock. After we were all done I carried her back to the porch and she looked over on "her" little garden and said, "I can't wait till Opa sees how good I planted our flowers". Next time he can help her "garden" and I will stay inside to quilt!

Today I am planning on planting another kind of garden. I have some Misty Fuse which I have been dyeing to try and so I am going to do a little floral something to hang on my wall. I want a quick, done today project, so I may have to improvise, but by tomorrow I suspect I will have it done. I read all the instructions for using Misty Fuse I could find and I suspect it will be a great product to use. Can't wait to try it!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Unsewing and Gardening... two of my favorites!!!!

Stephanie's Quilt.
Another rainy day and I so wanted to get out in my garden... hahahahaha! Seriously... I love the rain it gives me just one more excuse to stay in and sew. At our Nifty's potluck the other night my secret sister gave me a box of candles. The scent was called "Warm Woods". The note said, " These candles are meant to bring the outdoors into your sewing room, when you just can't tear yourself away from your machine." I suspect the candles won't last too long...

Yesterday was a great sew day. I finally got my Nutcracker all together and today I am putting borders on and it will go up on my machine. Hopefully by next week this time, it will no longer be a UFO. I am very excited. Its always great to finish something because it means one of two things... you can finish something else (blah) or start something new (which I do anyway... hence my piles of UFO's) (pictured: Sue Garman's Nutcracker quilt)

Being the Notion Nanny, I am always on the look out for using new and exciting notions. Yesterday I tried Alex Anderson's new 4-in-1 Essential Sewing Tool. The tool looked very interesting and I decided I had to have one (as usual), but I am afraid it is not one of my top thirty favorite tools. First thing, it is large and a little clunky although it is a nice weight compared to it's size. I was very surprised about that. There are 4 tools, which individually work very well. The seam ripper is a Bernina seam ripper and I have found them very sharp, but they do eventually dull. From my own past experiences, I figure their life is about 2 years in most cases. I wondered, what use it would be to have this big tool, with a dull seam ripper in it. It doesn't seem to be something you can take out and replace. So that was a major strike 1. Also, it is made of wood and I noticed one end doesn't stay on very well. I suspect over time the pieces will not fit together too well and I will have 3 separate tools instead of one. Strike 2. In my defence I checked out a few others I had ordered and they all had the same problem. And the cost is somewhat significant although not a lot considering what you get in return. So I couldn't really give that a strike. I like that you can use the end to press with, that will give me more time at the sewing machine, when I don't have to jump up to press ALL the time. I am not a stiletto person, I use my pins a lot to guide fabric under my pressure foot and when I am at the ironing board, I like to use my nail file... but I am going to give it a whirl... no strike there either. the turner looks very useful and I can see it being useful, but I don't do much in quilting that I turn points etc., so it might be one of those things that, although useful, it might be more in the way than useful. But still no strike...

So with only 2 strikes against it, it will stick around and I will use the 4-in-1 tool for a while, take it to camp and use it there, (three less tools to pack) but my Clover Seam Ripper has no fear of being replaced any time soon.

You can find both these tools - Alex Anderson's 4-in-1 tool and my very favorite buddy... the Clover Seam Ripper at my store:

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Kyle's Quilt. My grandson loves his Harry potter quilt.
Now I have to start planning his brothers quilt!

Well, I am finally back. As you know I went away last Thursday and, well to say the least, I have been on a little bit of a roller coaster ride ever since. For the first time in 37 years I sang happy birthday to the boy who I gave birth to 40 years ago. It was emotional for both of us and a little surreal, but I have to say, although I have thought of him every year since I gave him up for adoption, this was the thing I missed the most... celebrating his birthday with him. Now, I have many more to look forward to and I am extremely grateful for that.

Last night was our annual June potluck for the Nifty's and my cheeks are still sore. We laughed so much there was hardly a dry pair of undies in the whole group! (we are almost all at that age, you know!) First we ate and once again, I have to say, this is one fine group of cooks! The food was delicious and there was lots to eat. Then we did our show and tell and block exchange. We revealed our secret sisters and it was very interesting how surprised we all were with who are secret sisters were. And last but not least, we did our "Tacky Gift" exchange. It was hilarious! These girls really know how to party, not to mention that they are all great quilters as well! (Here's a picture of some of us Nifty's at Camp! (And I am surprised... not a quilt in site!!! What's wrong with that picture))

Fun things are starting to happen around here. I received my first shipment of the AccuQuilt GO! Fabric Cutter and some of their fabulous dies. I am amazed at how easy it is to use (I managed about 5 minutes the other day before I had to start cooking for the pot luck!) and just the fact that you can cut 6 or more layers at a time, is incredible. Some of the applique patterns that I have wanted to do are looking pretty easy right now, all I have to do is find the time. Yesterday I called AccuQuilt to see if I could order some more cutters and they will be out of stock for 4 weeks... Good For Them!!!! Business is booming! So if your interested in getting one of these great machines for your fall sewing, now is the time to place your order so I can get them in as soon as they are available. And if you can't wait... I have a couple in stock. Go to my web store at http://www.mystore.notionnanny.ca/ or contact me at gail@notionnanny.ca to get more information on this great quilting tool! I love Gadgets... did I tell you that I LOVE GADGETS!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Trapunto Pillow, using coloured felt for the trapunto

OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!! I have been so busy the last 2 days... I am not sure whether or not I am still breathing! In fact, I was so tired at 5 o'clock last night that I fell asleep in the chair and missed the ball game (which really wasn't much to miss from,after I saw the score!) and slept right through the night. I just can't believe how much there is to do when you are starting a new business.

The other day, my brother came up stairs and asked me if I was just going to live on the computer from now on. I told him what I was doing and he said, "Good thing you finally got yourself something to do because all you ever do is lay around on the couch all day and do nothing"! Let me assure you that his black eye is healing nicely! (That's him reeling from the blow!)

But really, they say if you want something done you should ask a busy person, but this busy person is going to have to learn to say no! For a little while, this business is going to take up all my time and resources, so "NO! (blanket no, to cover all future enquiries!) OK, well maybe!

Yesterday, I got my first delivery. I didn't realize that all that money would come in such a small box! and when I opened it, half the box was empty boxes, filling space. But, I have to say when I got into the meat and potatoes , there is something to be said for that first moment when you see and feel those beautiful notions coming out of the box. Well let's just say, one might need a private moment!

I love notions, not the ordinary ones like the ones you have to have... irons, rulers, cutters, (well maybe I love them just a little!), but the extraordinary, "Gotta have that one", type of notions. The ones that fill your boots when you use them. The ones you can tell your friends about. Sometimes it's not even a new product or idea. Sometimes it's a discovery you make when you try something that has been hanging around for a while and find out it really does what it says it will do and then you find an exclusive to you idea that makes your heart pound and you think, "why didn't I think of that before". It's a great way to start a sewing day and I suggest you all dig deep and find that wonderful notion, hidden in the recesses of your sewing room, drag it out to the light of day and try it. If you can't find the instructions for it... don't call me, I've lost mine, too!

I told you I would have some news for you, but unfortunately, I can't share today as it hasn't really happened yet. And now it probably won't happen until next week, so I don't want to Jinx it.

What I can tell you is that I have my website up and running FINALLY, and as abbreviated as it is, it's here!

I added my shop on Monday night at 2 am... just as a test, but I am taking it off for a few days so I can get the products up on to it. Believe it or not, it took me hours to get the few things I have there, onto the site. So hopefully I will get time this weekend to do some more.

And best of all, I am off to Guelph for Kevyn's 40th birthday. First time in 37 years, that I will have a chance to wish him a happy birthday, in person. Look at me, I am crying already! But I will have time to work on my blog while I am away so you will hear all about it!
Well today was boo boo of all boo boo's. I put my new blog up on my old blog... so tomorrow, I am deleting old blog and will only have new blog... boy have I got myself confused.. LOL

so go back to www.subbyoma.blogspot.com to read todays blog... because tomorrow... it will be gone!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

www.notionnanny.ca or is it?

Dancing Logs... I lost all my pictures of this quilt, but it was gorgeous.
I gave it to my Grandson Kyle and he loved it!

Well after all the excitement of last week I decided to come back to Blogspot. I worked so hard getting my blog up on my web site and then it died yesterday. My friend Laila emailed me to tell me she couldn't get on the site and finally when I took a moment today... neither could I!!!

I have never been so baffled by anything as I have been controlling this web site... Once I get one thing up and working something else pouts and dies... grrrrrr. Anyway, I decided that Blogspot has worked for me so well in the past, I decided to come back to it, start a new blog and delete my old one... I will put a link to this one on the other blog and after a while, I will delete it and everything will be here, from now on. You can get to this site from my web page http://www.notionnanny.ca/ or you can get to my web page from here... (just haven't figured that out yet.) For now I won't mess with a good thing. The only regret I have, is all that work I did on the other blog has been eaten up by Cyper space and at this very moment, there is no sign of it spitting it back.

Today I spent the complete, whole, from start to finish, almost, day in my sewing room. I sewed so much, I got a neck ache. So Sue and I went to Bingo.. LOL... didn't win, but I got rid of the neck ache. Maybe I will go back and sew for a bit. I would really like to get this sampler done. So I am on super sew mode! Only 4 more blocks to go, but one of them is paper piecing... I wonder what my friend Cathy is doing?

It rained all weekend which was great because I didn't have to water my plants. It's one of those small miracles that it rains occasionally so ALL my plants don't die. As soon as I saw the rain drops I sent all my plants out to play. They seem very happy out there, maybe I will just leave them there... LOL

I spent all weekend looking through notion catalogues... can't believe how many notions there are, must be THOUSANDS!!!! I made 4 samplers blocks today and probably used 6 or 7 notions... go figure! But it proves my point, (the one I made last week that said... notions come and go, but the tried and true stay the same for a long, long time.) And so this weekend when I was thinking about ordering, I ordered a few new notions, but mostly I ordered the tried and true. Can't wait to get my on-line store up and running. Thought it might happen this weekend, but I sewed instead, and I am sure you all can understand that.

It's my Mom in Spruce Groves Birthday tomorrow... She reads my blog so I want to wish her a Happy Birthday!! Of course I will send her my real love tomorrow, but I hope she has a great, great day!

And I hope you do too... I won't have time to be on here tomorrow, 2 doctors appointments, lunch with a friend, afternoon babysitting, and a Guild meeting tomorrow night... wow, I didn't feel busy till I typed all that, but have a nice day... I will see you Tuesday morning with some great news I want to share!