Thursday, May 16, 2013

Another Challenge...

Every Wednesday a  few friends of mine come over and sew together on Wednesday afternoons.

Last year, two of them took a course at a local Quilt shop called "OH! My Gosh!" The bed sized quilt consisted of hundreds of little squares and I didn't figure either of them would ever get it done.

So in my great wisdom, I challenged them to  get it done in one year and if they did I would buy them dinner and if BOTH Quilts are done, quilted and have hung at our local quilt show, last week end!

So we decided that challenges were a good thing and we have all challenged each other to finish a quilt that is almost finished by the end of June.

Two weekends ago I was in Peterborough at a quilt show and saw this quilt...

Made by Chris Goedhuis
Chris and I chatted and figured we were probably in the same class with Alice Wilhoit in 2002.  Chris's beautiful quilt was hand appliqued, embroidered and quilted and she finished it in about 2004.

Here's my quilt from the same class...
Work in progress... tee hee!
So my challenge is to get it finished by  June 30th... I have it all done except for 3 borders and the four corners.... It needs to be put together, too... and quilted... hmmmmm.

Stay tuned!

Quick daughter update... She is feeling somewhat better. the doctors have her on heavy anti-inflammatories and muscle relaxers and I am hoping she will be off the morphine completely tomorrow. Doctor said, best case scenario... 6 weeks to 3 months until muscle will be fully healed! Lets pray for the 6 weeks!

"A Square Peg in a Round Hole".

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