Saturday, May 18, 2013

ByAnnie SAL

The Sew-a-long starts Monday... you won't want to miss it.

Not sewing along. That's Ok.

I plan to make this a tutorial for different things that you might need the next time you make a bag, any bag, using the Cell Phone/Camera Case & Wallet as an example. Of course I won't be getting into great details about this particular bag, other than the front and back cover, which you can see at byAnnie's site. The rest will be pretty Generic.

If you decide to make this bag, you can get your pattern at byAnnie's and I bet you will have it before we get to far underway... Make sure you order the finishing kits.

Unfortunately I only have one lady commenting on the prize so far, so I will wait till Monday and if I don't hear from anyone else, I will send her a little gift, just for playing along.

Have a great holiday weekend, if you're in Canada, and just a great weekend if you are anywhere else!

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