Monday, August 18, 2014


The sun was shinning today, so I spent most of the day in the back yard, cutting grass, weed eating and pulling weeds. No sewing today, but I did want to share a few things...

I have a big order coming in tomorrow for my shop... I am very excited that I will get all that new stuff to unpack...  The shop is starting to get full... Now to get some customers!

I wanted to share my new bag and wallet!  Today at the drug store, the woman behind the counter fell in love with my bag and then went crazy over my wallet... She wants to come for a class to make one... How cool is that!

And... I saw my doctor today and he loves how well I am doing on Isagenix..  Good everything except the little issue of having a little carpel tunnel in my right hand..but we are starting with Naproxen and a brace...  Let's see how that works out!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Bags, Bags Bags.

I love Saturdays.. Hubby is off doing what hubby does and I have the whole house to myself.

This morning I finally finished my "Totes ma Tote" by Emmaline. It is such a dull dreary day today so the pictures aren't great.

This was a fairly easy pattern to make, but I enjoyed learning some new techniques. I love that it has a big roomy pocket for my iPad and a place for my phone as well.. There is a huge interior zip pocket, that I won't have any trouble filling with all kinds of goodies.

Now I am off to make a few wallets. I have a stack of six, just waiting to be sewn. Boy will I be ready for Christmas this year!!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Monday Mania

Not much sewing this weekend.

I have been officially diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. A trip to the hospital in an ambulance thinking I was having a heart attack confirmed that on Saturday.

But I did manage to put this up on my design wall on Sunday.

A few more tweaks and it will be ready to sew together!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Thursday thoughts

Just a quick note to share this handy tip with you.

When I am trimming, I always trim over a scrap piece of batting. then when I am done, I pick it up and throw the scraps in the garbage.

Little threads on my cutting board or pressing board, I just rub my scrap piece of batting over it and it is nice and clean.

When the batting gets disgusting, I just throw it away.

I bet you wonder what I am making...  I haven't decided on what the finished product will look like..

this background

or this...
Stay tuned.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Back again

I was not shocked at all to see that it was early September that I last posted... Our lives have been in crisis since then. My son and his wife separated after 13 years of marriage and without going into any details it has been a mess.

But I am glad to say that things are getting better, thankfully and I decided that I would start
blogging once again.

I have a plan and even if I miss some time blogging, I hope to be a regular blogger once again.

After no sewing whatsoever from August until January, I sewed up a storm in January... Here's some of my projects.  ( I guess I am back into it!)
The Quilt Show BOM 

Bag of the month from Sew Sweetness

Quilters Palette tote by Jinny Byers... Free download from RJR Fabrics

Finally finished my Basket Quilt. Pattern from Alice Wilhoit.

My Charity Project. A baby quilt using the Accuquilt Go  ^ 1/2 inch tumbler Die

Finally finished Our Nifty Quilters project from camp 2012

This Mega Pinnie was my gift at our Nifty's Christmas party (In January, made that day...LOL)

Another... finally finished... Grandmothers flower garden 

Completed Clues one and two from the Celtic Solstice mystery 


Hexi Block of the month from the Hexi Blog

My goal is to make one Christmas present each month. One down ... 11 to go!!!
Casserole Carrier from Moda Bake Shop

Mug cover and organizer

Soup├žon block of the month