Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I wish...

I was better...

Another bout of flu! I can't even tell you how frustrating this has become! Finally up and running again today, but still not 100%.

Julie, I have sent your cutter. Finally!

Saturday,  I took a train to Toronto, very early in the morning, and spent the whole 2 hour trip working on Hexi's. it was so relaxing and I got about 40 Hexi's made. I am working on a poinsettia tablecloth while I hand piece on Wednesday afternoons with my friends. I have the first of about 15 flowers finished, and only about 15 more to go... Another LOVE project!

Poinsettia  table cloth block

I spent the weekend with two of my sons and dragged myself to all kinds of activities. I really should have been home in bed! At any rate. My grandson was competing in Show Choir Canada. Although they didn't win, it was an amazing experience for him and a real eye opener for me. He lives in a town of 19,000 and they were in the top 6 of 12 competing teams. Seven of the 12 teams were from Toronto, 2.79 million people, including the top 2 teams overall. I was so proud of my grandsons' team!

My Blonde headed grandson is hiding in the centre back! 

I dragged myself onto the train at 6 pm Sunday night, and travelled beside a young man from Paris, France. We had a nice conversation about his life here in Canada, and I chuckled when he commented about my "old School" sewing, (I made hexes all the way home) and my technology skills (I had my Ipad and IPhone on my lap).

I love these hexi's!

Things I found on the web...
  1. Avocado chocolate smoothie  by sew many ways.  Sounds yummiest!
  2. Last week there was a mug rug hop that I really enjoyed. Madame Samm has posted all the mats on Pinterest. You can see them here...
  3. Autumn cinnamon scrolls!  They sound so yummiest. From Samellas Mum!
  4. Block 4 tutorial for the virtual quilting bee is available. 
  5. Cake batter dip.  Sounds delicious. Great for a kids birthday party. 
  6. Blueberry Buckle from Don't Call Me Betsy 
  7. Nutz for Red-work shared this... Hawaiian pie. Oh oh, this is another good one! 

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