Monday, April 8, 2013

Did you miss me yesterday...

What a weekend! I have had this nasty cold for about a week now and I just can't shake it.

I am laying beneath my 2 unbound and 1 bound quilt, as we speak, and most likely will spend the day here today as i did yesterday! Tomorrow I have a doctors appt. I probably will be better by then. LOL

I did get to watch my Jays play on Saturday, although the whole game I wished I was home in bed!  But they won, so that helped a lot!

I am a little fuzzy headed today so I have to save this and go look at the last questions I posted... Be right back!

OK, I am back with one quick question...

Have you added your label by now?  If so, was it sewn in with your binding, to the
a) Bottom center, left or right?
b) Corner, (I like to make triangle labels)
c)  I embroidered the label to my backing fabric before I quilted it!
d) No, I will add the label later

We are nearing the end of my questions about binding.  Last Wednesday, my four quilting buddies and I went through the questions and what a debate we had.  Everyone does everything so differently.  I don't think there is a right and wrong, but it is so good to learn new tricks.  Don't forget, your answers will be part of my tutorial, so stay with me for another few days!  We are almost done!

The quilt below is a lovely little beginners class quilt I taught a few years ago. It is bound and keeping my friend Aimee, cosy at one of our Nifty gatherings.


Gico said...

I embroider my label with my embroidery machine, add a narrow border around it and then attach it to the right corner, a couple of inches away from the side and bottom of my quilt.

Hope you feel better soon !

Peg said...

I have to confess I neglect to label most of my quilts, but they go to family, who know who I am! When I do label, I most often use a pre-made from some panels that I have, write on with fabric pen, and attach to the bottom right corner on the back.

Cathi said...

I like to make labels that somehow reflect the design of the quilt. They are added after the binding is finished.

AimeeDP said...

Ok, that's not fair, the air conditioning was really cold and i was really tired, that was in my old marathon writing days!

As for labels, in the corner if i do one, sometimes i just write along the binding, sometimes i don't bother.

NotionNanny said...

I think it's a lovely picture of you, cuddling in one of my quilts!

I like to put my labels in the corner, bottom right. I turn the top and left side under and press well. Then I pin it in the corner making sure my pins are not in the way, and sew my binding on. When I turn my binding to the wrong side, I just sew it down over my label. After the binding is complete, I attach the top and left side of my label, permanently.