Thursday, April 4, 2013

Are you sick of my questions yet?

Yesterday was my friend Sheila's last day at work. we sew every Wednesday afternoon together and she usually ate her lunch at her desk every day so she could leave early on Wednesdays to sew with me and a few of our friends.

We all took her for lunch yesterday, and then came back to my house to sew. I am working on those same hexi's I told you about yesterday. I am glad baseball season is back because I will finally make some progress on that quilt!

My question for today is..

When you get to a corner do you stop 1/4" from the edge and

  1. Backstitch?
  2. Sew diagonally off the corner?
  3. Both?

I am finding all the answers very interesting so far. I can't wait to compile it all and then I will do a little tutorial and I will use that as my demo.  Thanks for all your help and all your comments.

Things I found on the web today...

  1. Craftsy has a new Class... Perfect Patchwork Panoramas
  2. One Good thing by Jilly has some scrumptious recipes using Lemon and Coconut milk.
  3. Do you know if you sign up for Quilt Pro's newsletter, you will get a pattern for a new block everyday. Don't have quilt Pro... that's ok. The blocks are all PDF patterns! I have Quilt Pro and use it as much as Electric quilt. It is fun and easy to use. And I can use it with my Mac
  4. How cute are these. You better go check this one out. Little fish swimming around in soap!  The kids will love it!



Peg said...

I always backstitch and leave it at that.

Cathi said...

I back stitch, but am very interested in the stitching off diagonally and intend to try it.

Sharon Harrison said...

Always backstitch!

AimeeDP said...

backstitch, there's a little button my machine that looks like a bullseye and it makes it take a couple stitches in the same hole, i think