Saturday, April 13, 2013

Saturday! I am not getting up till it's Spring!

It amazes me, (I know, I amaze easily) how many blogs there are on the web.
Horrible picture of me a year ago,
but there I was, reading blogs on my IPhone!
Not just quilting (duh!) but all kinds of blogs about all sorts of things, some of which I really think are interesting, and then there are the ones that I have no clue, why people would read them. but obviously people do or they wouldn't be there, because like all things in life, if no one is paying attention, it wouldn't be worth doing.

Are you amazed too, or is it just me!

Quilting is really an over whelming subject, don't you think? There is so much of it going on everywhere!. I don't think the people who are saying it is a dying industry have any clue of the reality. I think people are just trying to use up the fabric they have and finish the projects they have started,  so they can get back to buying more fabric and more patterns. That's what I am doing, so it must be true! LOL.

It's like winter here... and its supposed to be spring!

I spent most of yesterday afternoon reading blogs from all over the world. Sew Many Ways had 82, different blog sites linked up when I quit at 3:30, and I am pretty sure there are more there now. I made several new friends, some of whom joined my site, and some even left comments. It amazed me that by 3 o'clock I had over 90 visitors to my site.

I also read the 10 blogs that were part of the April Showers blog hop hosted by Sew We Quilt. I have seen some amazing mug mats in that hop!

And in the middle of that I worked on my newsletter and added about 100 things on quilting that I found on the web this month while hopping around blogs. Its not going to be quite as big as the last newsletter, but it will still be jammed packed, with information.

Anyway if you are looking for the draw, I am giving everyone until Monday to add their comments to my blog! Then I will make the draw. So if you didn't comment yesterday, Back up and comment!

Things I found on the web yesterday...

  1. Carrot Cake Fudge... oh YUM!
  2. It's getting to be that time of year for outdoor fun (I hope) so here is a great tutorial on how to Build a Better Sandbox.
  3. Here are some great Mason Jar Lights for outside on your patio.
  4. Did you know that they make Plastic Patio Chair Paint? Neither did I! There is a great tutorial on how to make those old chairs look new again.  Here is the link...
  5. Here is a recipe for Oatmeal Mix that is going into my pantry. I love Oatmeal anything, especially Crisps so this will be a great addition to my cookbook.  
  6. Ok, This looked Delicious! You have to go look at it even if you don't want to make it. Trust me! YOU HAVE TO! New Orleans Potato Casserole


Peg said...

What amazes me is the amount of time I can spend on the 'net, looking at blogs and other thngs....and NOT quilting! LOL!

NotionNanny said...

That's why I started my newsletter. So people could spend more time sewing and less time on the net. You should take a look at it Peg. Send me an email. You will get a free copy of last months almost immediately. I am just finishing up April's. hopefully it will be out by Monday. If you wait till Wednesday you can see it!

AimeeDP said...

i have to disagree with you on one point, i don't think things are only worth doing if someone is paying attention. that's nice and all, but being creative isn't about the attention, it's about the process.
other than that, great post, sounds like you have some energy back!

Glinda ♥ said...

I'm with you on so many points - was reading blogs at 0615 this morning ... where IS Spring?! and I'm also trying to use up fabric - making a quilt today for DH's best mate out of DH's old cotton shirts :)

Sharon Harrison said...

Always love reading your blog! Look forward to it each day! Glad you are feeling better.