Friday, April 5, 2013

It's the day before Baseball Day... Heading to Toronto!

We are heading to Toronto today so we can go to the Jays game on saturday.   So Excited!!!

My son's apartment

This is a picture of the Rogers Centre and the white arrow points to my sons apt. So close...  It is so fun to leave the apartment and five minutes later we are sitting in our seats. We are going the day before so we can be assured of visitors parking at the apartment, so we have no worries about traffic on Saturday.  YEAH! It also will give me a chance to check out some quilt stores on the way... shhhh - don't tell Victor the plans!

Next Question:

After folding your binding at the corners do you...
  1. Start to sew, then backstitch to secure the end.
  2. Petal to the metal and head for the finish line!
I already know what my friend Aimee will say. I am pretty sure she has a lead foot! LOL

My little Welcome Quilt
I have to make this one again... It's all faded
from being on the door so long!


AimeeDP said...

well, i'm a corner binding back stitcher, but from then on, it's rabbit rabbit rabbit! :)

Cathi said...

I back stitch and then hit the pedal!
Have fun at the game!