Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Sew day results and another question

Yesterday was such a beautiful day and I spent the whole day (almost) in my sewing room!
Here is what I did...

First I sewed the first block in the Sew, Mama, Sew, Modern BOM 2

Here's mine... 
 I love  it! But it was a big shock to me when I finished it and went back to the instructions to see if I had cut something wrong. The block finishes at 24.5". There will be 6 blocks I think, in the BOM so the quilt will be quite big. We will see how far I get with it.

I used fabric from Connecting Threads as I didn't have any of the suggested fabrics. I like mine, but I think I could have been more creative with the colours! I have lots of these solids.

Interestingly it probably took me longer to choose fabric and cut the pieces than it did to sew.  But one good thing about it, it gave me a chance to see how the "Beast" is working after it's major surgery!.

You may remember the "Beast"... my wonderful Bernina 830. It has had a few issues and has spent the last month at the doctor. I was thinking it was terminal, but the Doctor says that the surgery was a great success. I am going to sew the daylights out of it in the next week hoping that it is as perfect as I dreamt it would be when I bought it... More news to follow.

After the "Big Block", I started on clue 2 of the Inklingo Mystery...The Case of the Secret Garden. 

Sorry the picture is so dark... what looks like black
is actually a beautiful Teal... wait a minute
I have a picture!
I should have taken a picture of one of the pieces. I Thought I was printing it wrong because it was so small. I think the whole piece might be 1 1/2" by 1"... I didn't measure, but it is pretty small. While I was cutting them out I kept thinking I never would have "templated" this. If they weren't printed on my fabric, this would have been a look at only project.

I had some problems printing the fabric/freezer paper on my printer. I gave it up after the second sheet of white Background fabric was covered in black ink and went back to a sure fired method I learnt a few years ago. I put double sided sticky tape on Photo paper, stuck my fabric to the tape and into the printer... the rest of the printing went smooth as silk.  My printer just really doesn't seem to like the freezer paper. Ate it to shreds! I had to change some shapes to get where I needed to go, but that's OK! I adapt very quickly to change.
But all of clue two is printed, and mostly cut out. I got a little lazy at the end and was anxious to sew, so I sewed 18 wedges from Clue 3... they are so stinkin' cute... now I can't wait to get on to the next clue. But I am going to finish the 70 some odd wedges  from Clue 3 First.

Believe it or not, That was almost my whole day. But I had fun and I love the days that I don't have to cook, because there are leftovers from yesterday. In fact I didn't see Victor all day. He was at an auction, so we were both happy!

I was so excited yesterday... Someone actually Joined My Site..Thanks Deb! You made my day! (Little things excite me a lot, can you tell?) 
that's 27! I'm moving on up!

OK. Today's question... where were we. Ah Yes...

When you first start to attach your binding to your quilt do you leave..
a) a 4" tail
b) a 6" tail
c) an 8" tail.
d) I just start sewing and worry about the "tail" when I get back to it.

Take a moment and explain your thinking in the comments today.  Here's my comment to help you with yours...

I usually start about 8" from the centre, leaving an 8" or longer tail for joining when I get back to the beginning.  That's hard to do on small projects, but if you start about 8" from the center of the longest side (if you are able) and leave an 8" tail, you usually have lots of room to join your binding at the end!

I haven't had time to read blogs today, so I haven't got any finds. But I will be back at it tomorrow and I am sure there will be something!

See you then!

PS... Watch my Web page for some exciting changes to my "Newsletter" I will be starting tomorrow and the newsletter is only 14 days away. I NEED TO GET BUSY!  you won't want to miss the new and improved version. www.notionnanny.com/Newsletter.html.


Peg said...

What a great sewing day! I usually place my binding tail at about the center point on a longer side and pin it in place, then start sewing close to the corner. When I've sewn past all four corners, I end my sewing a few inches in. This usually leaves me lots of room to attach the two tails, and try to avoid a previous join or have the new join too close to a previous join (hope that makes sense).

bukaus said...

I probably leave closer to 12 inches because toooo many times I thought I left enough and it was quite a task to get it done so now I err on the side of WAY too much.

AimeeDP said...

leave it to chance of course, whatever looks long enough usually is!