Monday, April 29, 2013

Sewing, sewing, sewing!

This past weekend, our long awaited 4 day "Quilt till you Drop" retreat took place at Elim Lodge.

My friend Aimee and I hatched the plan for the retreat last September. We needed 25 people to make it a go. We counted our quilting friends! not enough. We counted our quilting friends, friends... not enough, but closer! Should we! We put the wheels in motion in mid January. We booked the camp, made the deposit and sent out the word.

This is my friend Cathy, but I guarantee the mess is Aimee's!

Amazingly, the Quilt Angels were on our side, and by the middle of February we had 30 interested quilters. We were overwhelmed and very excited! I started packing weeks ago and so did many of my friends!

So much activity and its early on the first day!
The retreat was a great success... Everyone loved the camp, the accommodations, the food, and the friendships that were made. There was only one thing missing!


This flu! Although I have to say, I am finally better, I was so sick until Friday I didn't get out of bed! And then it was over... Finally! But too late for me to go to camp!

But there was a good side to all this. Saturday morning, my friend Aimee, Skyped me, and I spent the whole day, quilting with my buddies! By 4 o'clock, I was exhausted and went to bed, but it lifted my spirits and although I wasn't there I felt like I had been!

And the best part! We have 30 campers who want us to plan this for next year! Yippee. Flu shot, vitamin C, echinasia, vitamin d, flu FX, stay away from my grandchildren...(any other suggestions) and I will be there!

I was going to finish this at camp!  oh well... next year!
Things I found on the Internet...

  1. Here's a little recipe booklet that uses a premixed cream sauce as the base for each recipe.
  2. No closet space... Here is a fix. Plumbing pipe rack tutorial. From Martha Stewart


AimeeDP said...

Wait, how do you know ifyou recognize my mess? And then post about it on the www! Sharon and i were both making jelly roll race quilts... however, with 75 strips (to make a bigger quilt), just the first seam after joining all the strips took nearly 55 minutes to sew, the second seam half an hour, etc., but it is so gorgeous! sharon's too...will post a pic...

NotionNanny said...

It is your mess. I know you. I have sat beside you numerous times at retreats and I KNOW that is your mess