Monday, March 4, 2013

Yup - no sewing yesterday!

Yesterday was No sew Sunday, as expected! I did manage to cut out a few of the shapes for my Baltimore Christmas block 2 and I did add a few beads to block 1.But that was it. Thursday will be our sew nite for this project and I am way behind!

Today I get my new long awaited Mac computer and although I am excited, I am also a little worried that the learning curve will be high! Well, high enough to stall me somewhat on the newsletter and there will be no time to sew!

My grandson and I were sitting in the nursery at church yesterday, and the speaker was on, and Ethan was confused by where the sound was coming from. He could hardly concentrated on his playing! Finally he came over climbed up in my lap and whispered in my ear( as only a two year old can do) "why is that guy yelling at us?" I laughed and said. "Because, he wants us to hear." Ethan continued to play but repeatedly looked at the monitor and mumbled to himself... "It's rude to yell". I wonder ... who preached the sermon to me yesterday?

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Cathi said...

Congratulations! You'll love your Mac. The learning curve really isn't that steep. Everything is really quite intuitive and seems so much simpler. When I made the change years ago I was constantly expecting things to be more difficult than they are!