Saturday, March 30, 2013

Question Number 4

Heading home today!

Here's Question 4

If you do a straight join (b) in question 3, do you:
a) sew, press open, trim.
b) Sew, trim, press open.
c) Sew, trim, press to the side.

No Sewing today, although I do have my sewing machine in the car. I picked it up from Bernina, and they are promising it will sew like a dream now that they have fixed all the bits and pieces that needed fixing! We will see on Monday becasue it will be a sew day Saturday, only its Monday, Day!

Once again... this email has been pre-scheduled. I wrote it on Wednesday, so you could get it today even though today I am busy driving!

PLEASE COMMENT!  I need to know your answers. And tell your friends to get on here and comment too. This is important stuff!

Things I found on the Internet

1.  Easter basket. 


Gico said...


NotionNanny said...

I always sew, open press and trim. I like that method because it is easier to open the seams when the allowance is huge, then press, and then trim down to a very narrow 1/8th. Removes some of the bulk at the joins

bukaus said...


Cathi said...

I sew, trim and press open.

Deb@asimplelifequilts said...

Always B for me!