Friday, March 29, 2013

Here....'s Number three

Happy Good Friday Everybody!

Question Number 3

How do you join your binding pieces?
a) diagonal ends ===\
b) 2  straight ends sewn diagonally  ====|\|=
c) Both, just depends on how I cut it or how I feel.

This question is hard to explain and hard to draw, Hopefully it is clear! Please comment below! I am tallying up these answers and will report on them at the end.

I am spending Good Friday with my Son and his family in Guelph. I will be home tomorrow, so I have pre-scheduled, this blog post!

Things I found on the Internet today...

1.  Here's a last minute Easter gift .

2.  I absolutely love this post from Hunter's Design Studios. There are some great thoughts about how much your quilts are worth.

3.  More excitement.  Today I found another version of my Newfie star quilt. ( my name for it because I bought the pattern in NFLD). And she uses old telephone books to paper piece.


Gico said...


Diagonal ends for large projects

and most of the time, straight cut for small projects.

NotionNanny said...

I use both depending how the ends look when I get ready to attach.

Cathi said...

Diagonal ends most of the time. Sometimes straight ends sewn diagonally.

Deb@asimplelifequilts said...

Diagonal for bias binding, straight sewn diagonally for nonbias.