Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sunday sew day... Not!

Today is always my day to sew, but I don't see it in my future. The newsletter ( has totally eaten up all my free hours this week.

I really have not had a lot of free hours this week. I have been busy with little people, and life and sometimes that is way more important than being busy with work and hobbies.

How can you ignore that!
My 4-5 hours a day reading blogs has created a huge amount of news for the newsletter and yesterday I spent about 4 hours on the initial stages of putting the newsletter for March together...

I did manage to sew a few borders on my embroidered blocks for my ABC quilt. I think I have twenty two blocks embroidered, and 8 blocks bordered... Still a long way to go!

I also cut out a block for the Birdhouse Quilt my girlfriend and I are sewing together, she has hers half done... Mine is still in pieces!

The Beast ( my Bernina 830) is back at the doctor's. Even though I have pretty much given up on it, Bernina has not, which is a good thing! I am glad they are working on it and hopefully this time it will come back working like a charm ( fingers crossed, but not holding my breath).

February most be hump month for most sewing rooms. I have read a lot of blogs where people are trying to clean up their sewing rooms. Probably related to cabin fever! I guess when the weather is nasty, people spend more time in their sewing rooms and get to a point where they just can't stand the mess any more... Hasn't inspired me yet to clean, but maybe I should go there!  LOL.

If I do get to sew today, I will let you know!

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