Thursday, March 7, 2013

Stranded... Hmmmm

Today I was reading The Cutting Table, Moda's newsletter, one of my favorite blogs and just had to share;

Go read it... I'll wait!

So, what 3 notions would you need to survive being shipwrecked on a dessert island with a ship load of fabric?

Her's my list

1. Clover self threading needles! A must have. My eyes aren't as good as they used to be and theses needles are the best. Once the thread is in the eye it is as secure as any other needle!

2. 10 clover seam rippers! One to hang from every coconut tree on the beach. I have a terrible time with those things. I set it down and 10 minutes later I go looking for it and it has moved somewhere else! I go get another one and it goes off to find its friend as soon as I set it down. So 10 might not be enough. But it is an awesome ripper. Just wish they would stay put!

3. And if I could only choose one ruler ( its not my most favorite but would be perfect if it was the only one) I would choose the All-in-One Ruler.
You can...
1. Cut strips
2. Cut half- and quarter-square triangles from strips.
3. Use as a bias-square ruler to square up bias units.
4. Trim points easily with the built-in point trimmer.
5. Cut 45° diamonds with ease.
So it would be perfect if you were shipwrecked, off for a sewing weekend or just for those moments when it's the only one you can reach!

And my funny must have... A sun charger for all my Apple products.. Phone, pod, pad, Mac... I would need to be able to access Dropbox for all my stored patterns!

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