Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I have a question, an update and some Exciting News!

Next year, I am going to be doing some demos and I am going to start with a quiz. Each day for the next 15 days I am going to ask one of the questions from Septembers Quiz and I hope you will comment so I can get a better idea of how to approach each of the questions for the demo's. Will you help? Leave a comment below.

1st question:

When you cut your binding do you cut:
A) bias binding
B) crosswise grain binding
C) lengthwise binding

Can't wait to hear what you have to say!

The Case of the Secret Garden

Sewing Update:Yesterday, I actually got some work done on the InkLingo Mystery Quilt. I was so excited to just have time to download Clue # 1! Then I read through it and decided it would be a breeze. It was all about choosing fabric!

3 hours later I had come to a decision!!!!!!! 3 hours! Not as easy as I thought. First off, it had to come from my stash because I am on a NBF (no buy fabric) diet! Secondly just when I would choose a fabric, I wouldn't have enough. So that meant starting over. Humph! It was hard work, but I persevered and here are the fabrics I choose.

Here they are all washed... Yes I said washed... And ready to go. That green thing in the middle right is my colour catcher... I guess the dark green bled a little. Good thing I threw in a colour catcher!

I cut out the freezer paper pieces I needed for clue 2 and called it a day! Put my feet up and watched NCIS and NCIS LA. No handwork, no IPad. Just me and TV!

I have been "Join this site" ing for the past few days, at all the blogs I stop at. I was thinking how nice it would be to have a lot of people "Join this Site" at my blog so I would have more than 26 followers. I suspect I have some followers that follow by email, but it's not the same. I don't really know you are there! I can guess, because I can go and find out how many people read my blog, but it is just really exciting to see that someone has "joined". And I figure if I feel that way I bet most everyone feels that way, so I am trying to join as many blogs as I read. Doesn't really change anything, just makes it more fun for the blogger, I think!

<= You can join this site just about here, to the left... You know you want to!  
The EXCITING News... I am going to be in a Blog Hop!
I am so excited. Watch for more information in the very near future!
Here are some things I found on the net today. I follow a lot of quilting blogs... 600+ a month! ... The ones below are mostly non quilting related. I save the Quilting ones for my Blog Hop Reference Guide, for Quilters, which will be available April 15! (Formerly, Quilters Stitches Online... My friends said I needed a new name!)

1. Geta Grama, the feature Blogger from my January's newsletter has a colouring book for children called Swirling Stitches, that will be coming out on April 15th.

2. Sew much 2 love has a tutorial on How to put a zipper in a bag.

3. Samelia's Mom tells us that  Aladdin is 20 years old?

4. 5 tips for an Easter egg hunt from Samelia's Mom.

5. Craftster has a tutorial for  Drop Pull Easter Eggs

Don't forget to comment and come back tomorrow for question 2! I really appreciate it!


AimeeDP said...

width of fabric

Peg said...

I generally cut WOF, unless I need to bind curves, then it would be on the bias. If I hadn't already joined, I'd join now - hope you get some new followers, it really is nice to know when bunches of folks are reading, but I have to say I get very few comments from my followers. And I have a few who follow by email or otherwise, but I know who they are because they are family and send notes outside of the blog. All the best on your demo!

Gico said...

Biais binding cut 2 1/2" wide

Cathi said...

Bias binding every time.

Sue said...

It depends on the quilt or how I might cut my borders? Could be any of the above lol!

NotionNanny said...

I like to use bias binding when I am making a quilt because bias binding should last longer then crosswise or lengthwise binding. The edge of the bias binding has crossed ... X... threads, which, i think adds strength to the binding, while the edges of the crosswise and lengthwise cuts have more chance of a single thread along the edge. For small projects, I have a whatever attitude.