Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Quick, before I forget

I wanted to quickly get on here and let you know I haven't quit blogging, I have just been a little under the weather. This year has already been a record year for colds and flu. Everyone I know has had the worst cold or flu they have ever had. Hubby was so sick for the week around New Years that I am convinced he had both.  I on the other hand have only had the cold and other than two days that I spent primarily in bed, I haven't felt too bad.

Anyway... I wanted to post a picture of the pillow I had made for the three day challenge. I had fun doing this pillow and I think I might try making a quilt to match.

It looks lovely on my couch, but the best part is that the guys like it. In fact to quote my son... "It's way better than those other fancy things". so I count it as a success. Now wait until he sees what I have in store for February. LOL

Notion Nanny tip: My tip for today is this awesome ruler for doing Dresden plate blocks. its the EZ Dresden Ruler and I loved using it for the pillow. It was very easy to use.

I found a great tutorial on how to use it @ so check it out!

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