Saturday, January 5, 2013

2012 Final Countdown

OK.. I am done!

The 2012 Final Countdown Ends at noon today... I probably am late, but I am done.

Task one: Finish something... I did.. my Tree skirt which I started 3 years ago is finished!

Task two: Clean up a Pile.. well I did that too... actually I cleaned up 2 piles but the second one was from cleaning up the first one so that doesnèt count as two piles cleaned up... does itÉ

Task three: Make something for yourself... I sort of did that. I made a cushion cover for a cushion I have in my livingroom. Its a cushion for the guys to use under their precious little heads when they stretch out on my not so comfortable couch. Now you may think that is not for me, but it will save my other more decorative cushions from being used so that makes me happy!   I would add a picture but it appears there is a problem with the upload here at blogspot so I will have to come back and do that later.

But I am finished.... if for no other reason than it makes me happy to know I stuck to it and finished it! Hurray!! Now, that's a good feeling!

Notion Nanny tip.  Well I can't even post a picture right now so Here's a tip I have known for years. When making a cushion with corners, stop 2 stitches from the corner, pivot and sew on an angle for 1 to 2 stitches, depending on the thickness of the fabric, stop and pivot and sew down the next side. When you turn your cushion cover, the corners will "point" out better.

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