Sunday, January 13, 2013

Saturday, sewing day!

I love Saturdays! Its so much fun to be able to spend the whole day sewing without any interruptions. Yesterday I worked at a couple of things.

First, I found this blog about a Scrap Vomit Quilt! For whatever reason the name really amused me and the quilt is something I would make so I checked it out, printed out the instructions for the two blocks and went and found my bag of 2 1/2" squares that I had cut out back in the days when I thought I might make a Colourwash quilt. I managed to sew 3 blocks, although they are a little dark (seems I didn't get around to cutting light fabrics), but I have a ton of scraps so I will get busy cutting 2 1/2" squares and this will be a sew day project for me. Here's the link in case you might like to make one of these quilts for yourself !

I also worked on my paper piecing quilt from a Craftsy Class I am doing. And  I am just about done! Two more colours to add to each block and all 48 blocks will be done. I really enjoyed making these blocks even though my best friends will all tell you I have never liked paper piecing.

I also spent some time yesterday cutting out little tiny grandmothers garden templates for a new quilt that I plan to start on Wednesdays when my friends come over to hand sew. I love doing these English paper piecing quilts so it will be fun to start another since I am all caught up with the ones I had on the go. It's for Christmas, but I will tell you more about it later!

So all in all, yesterday was a very productive day.

Today... not so much! I spent all day working on my website and have it started. You can check out my progress at Still have a long way to go, but I have been working on a newsletter that I am posting on the 15 of January. Its a compilation of all kinds of quilting information that I have found this month, from the couple of hundred blogs and websites I visit. I decided to make it all useful so I am putting together a newsletter. If it is a success I will be charging a small fee for it down the road but for now its FREE! You can sign up for it at my website. Just go to the newsletter tab and fill in the form

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