Monday, January 28, 2013

Night time blogging

Here it is. 1:30am and I am still lying in bed, wide awake. My mind is racing with things I want to sew. I have spent some of today catching up on the blogs I read.... And I read a lot of blogs for my newsletter. ( and it amazes me how much people are doing. But what really amazes me is the fact that they are doing lots of things, all at once. Most people have many projects on the go and tend to do a little of everything through the week. Some things get finished, others are WIPS, and others seem to fade away, into the woodwork.

It seems to me, that there are a lot of people out there, just like me! Does that make me feel better? Somewhat! But will I change? Not likely. I enjoy being a quilting rebel, one of the bad boys of quilting. Always looking ahead at what tomorrow might bring. What new direction I might head! What new project I can begin. It's all part of the glory of the hobby!

But in the mean time... Today was a success. I finished my paper piecing quilt. The paper is gone the top has been layered, quilted and squared, the binding is attached and sewn on and the label is neatly finished and placed in the corner. All that is left is the show and tell tomorrow night and I can post a picture for you to see. (Note... show and tell got cancelled until next week, due to bad weather, so you won't see it for another week.)

Valentine's mug mat
I also made a little valentines mug mat from my January newsletter from this blog - It's very cute! But much bigger than I thought. I don't think it will be a mug rug, but possibly, it will look cute with a nice candy bowl on it, filled with cinnamon hearts. I'll post pictures tomorrow!

And last but not least, I started my Classic Santa blocks. It's from a pattern by Sue Garman which you can see here... Mine, of course, will look nothing like hers when I am done, but I haven't got far enough along to worry about that yet! Santa 1 is ready for its block... Maybe Wednesday!

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