Wednesday, January 2, 2013

3rd Challenge

Happy New Year everybody.  I wrote this blog yesterday and forgot to hit publish, so you are getting it today!  LOL

I waited all day yesterday to look at the third Challenge. After challenge number two I was scared. So I didn't even read it till this morning!

Pick a project to work on that is just for you

What... Make something for me!!!!That's worse than challenge two. I never make something for me... What will I do?

Don't you find that you do spend so much time making for others... grandchildren, children, family, friends, you rarely think about doing something for you. Well all I have to say is thank goodness I have until noon January 5th to finish this challenge. It will take me all day today to think of something and the next few days to do it.

Back to challenge two.. I only had an hour in the sewing room this morning so I finished challenge two!

Much better!

Notion Nanny: Well I have about 1 more minute so here is a quick tip.

I love my rotary Cutter Mat cleaner. I used it today to clean my Cutting Mat after a season of massive cutting and it works like a charm. This cleaner removes fleece and flannel lint and batting fibers from your cutting mat. Use a brush like stroke with the angled edge and it will pull the fibers from the crevasses of your cutting mat. To clean, use a brush to scrub lint off under cold water.

It has other uses too.. Its great for removing threads after un-sewing and I use it at the Gammill for picking up loose threads. Its one of those hard to find notions, but I will  have Notion Nanny back up and running (hopefully soon) and you will be able to get it from me.

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