Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Idle Hands Empty Brain

I found this great tutorial yesterday for making these little bags to hold a thimble. I loved the tutorial...

Idle Hands Empty Brain ...: Busy Busy - Opps! ... and a Thimble Holder Tute!

But what I really like is the name of the blog. I have often told people that when I was very little my grandmother would tell me that I needed to keep my hands busy or I would get in trouble. I swear thats why I can't sit without something to do.

When I read the name of the blog I heard my granny... Loud and clear... "Idle hands, empty head"! I had forgotten those words... Maybe on purpose, but looking back, I think that's where my imagination came from.

From My granny who put knitting needles in my hands as soon as I could manage them, from the crossing guard who taught me, painfully for her I'm sure, how to crochet before I was 10, from the camp activity center where I learnt all kinds of crafts, and from the seamstress who lived across the street, that was ever so happy to put me in front of her machine and teach me to make doll clothes when I showed an interest. They filled my head with fantasies and creativity and I have never looked back.

Now, I need to pass it on...

Thanks Sada, for the little meander down memory lane!

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Idle hands, empty brain ... said...

Thanks Nanny - that's exactly what I meant by my blog name. Glad you also liked the tutorial