Monday, January 21, 2013

Lazy Boy!

It's Monday, 5:30 am. I am still sick.  Grrrrr.

But I have decided not to let that get to me.  I am going to spend today in my "office", a little corner of my sewing room, putting together the beginnings of my February newsletter.

( I just had a funny thought... Every time I go to spell February I am reminded of my grade 2 teacher, Mrs. Herchmer who taught us to think feb- rrrrrrru--ary, even though we would almost always never use the "r" when we said the word.  I still say it that way when I go to spell it after 50 some odd years!)

This past weekend, I spent most of my time sitting in my Lazy Boy ( aptly named, I think!) working on some "hexies" while I be-moaned my lack of energy.  I was determined to feel better on Sunday and trotted down to the "dungeon" to my fabulous sewing room and tried to finish my paper piecing quilt, which i am doing from the first lesson in a Craftsy class, which I have been trying to finish for a while. I managed to trim a few blocks when, thankfully, my friend Sharon showed up, and I spent a glorious hour drinking tea and afterwards,  me and Lazy Boy, had a nap!

I did manage to find the strength to shop though. I ordered this book from amazon and can't wait to get it.  Don't you just love the cover quilt.  Might just be my next "hexie" project!

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