Friday, July 9, 2010

Oh... one more thing...

Yesterday when I was busy doing nothing, I googled my name just for fun and I came across the article from the magazine that had my commissioned Tie Quilt in it...  I was so excited to see it, because I have had the magazine for a few years, but couldn't share it... anyway, I have no idea how to share it here... but if you google Gail Sabramsky it is the PDF  Memories of three generations live here...  the Quilt is on the wall (barely can see it) and the article is very interesting on this beautiful home in the eastern US.

Ok that's it!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Gail! Wow, awesome quilt. I will read the article later as it's a .pdf file that can be saved. Here's the link Family Portrait. Once opened you can just click on the save disk icon and save the .pdf file to your computer.

Stay inspired!