Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wednesday - Hump Day!

My desk coaster... base is made with cotton clothesline.

I am late today! usually I am up at 6 am and writing by 7am. Today I barely made it out of bed by 8am. I don't remember the last time I slept so late! Two cups of coffee later, I am still not really awake. But i have a great reason!

The beginnings of my Snails Trail

Last night, my friend Marg and I went to dinner after she closed her new store and ate wings and sweet potatoe fries and drank diet Pepsi until I thought we would both burst. Marg, who had spent the whole day in her store ( unfortunately her air conditioner has not been hooked up yet and I think it was about 30 degrees yesterday (that's Celsius for all you friends from south of the border), but with the humidity it felt more like 40 or 50 degrees) was VERY thirsty when we got to the restaurant, the waitress refilled our drinks maybe 4 or 5 times,so we were like 2 floating, overloaded ships when we left the restaurant. Tee Hee!

After supper, we came back to my house, we got down to the entertainment; we sewed till 11.54 pm. It was a great night! Marg is a certified Square in a Square instructor and she showed me how to do the Square in a Square properly (hardly any waste, Laila). I made 4 Snail's trail blocks, between talking, sitting, laughing and trips to the bathroom... and she worked on a very cute Grandmothers Flower Garden Nativity Calendar Wall Hanging. I had the best time... Thanks Marg. But I did sleep in this morning!

Day 3 - The Cutting Mat Cleaner
The first Day Marg's shop was opened, she handed me this package and asked if I had seen it yet. It had a little white "bar" in it and she said it was an awesome little mat cleaner. I took it home and it hung on my peg board for a few days and finally a week or so ago I gave it a try. Well. I was impressed.

This little gadget, takes everything off your mat... threads, batting, lint, dust ( do you know how dirty a mat can get?), it even pulls the little fibres that get stuck in your mat right out. My 4 or 5 year old mat looked brand new the first time I used the mat cleaner. I immediately placed it in my ruler holder and at the end of the day, I clean up my mat so it will be ready for a fresh start the next day.
It looks like it has been made from the soles of hush puppies. It is about 4 or 5 inches long and it cleans up under cold water. A little scrub brush helps, too!

Negatives: One is not enough... I will need a couple more to carry with my travelling mats.

Here is my mat cleaner before I washed it and after I washed it.

This notion will be available at my web store this week! I love Notions..... see you tomorrow!


Heather said...

I hadn't seen a review of this item before. I will definitely have to get one, well maybe two so I can give one to my mom. Thanks.

Notion Nanny said...

Ursula, the designer of the mat cleaner sent me these comments by email: Here are some other uses that other people found out:
removes cat hair and lint from fabrics and picks up all the little threads that stay in the seams after having used a seam ripper. I also use it to move the trimmings out of the way when I am in the process of squaring up a block..

Daphne said...

Hmmm! This is day 3 Blog and we are at Day 4. I guess a resolve lasting 3 days isn't bad. Or maybe you didn't write it on you list. Hehehe!