Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thursday.... It's a sunny Day

I know I have posted this before, but I am trying to duplicate it using the new Clover Templates... it was one of my favorites.

I love days that start out sunny and bright... I don't care that the forecast is calling for rain. It's a sunny day!

I spent all day yesterday, working out some kinks in my armour and sewing on my Log Cabin Table Runner. It will be done today so hopefully I will have time to get the notes ready and get it off for testing and the pattern should be ready in the next few weeks. I have also started my Dresden plate quilt so hopefully the plates will be done by Monday or Tuesday. I have decided to re-focus a little and sew like a crazy person for the next week.

Susan sees her doctor on Tuesday and we will find out what is going to happen about this little breach gem she is carrying around in all this heat. She is pretty sure he hasn't moved an inch. I will be glad when we see the doctor and we all know what the future has in store for her and little Ethan. I often heard that once you have kids your worries only multiply... how true is that!

I set up my design wall yesterday and I love it... I just set up the small one for now, its 36" x 36", big enough for table runners and stuff, but the big one is awesome. I had it set up, took me about 5 minutes and about 2 min. to take it apart and pack it back in its little house. This will be a great little tool for me when I go off to retreat or out to teach classes. LOVE IT!

I also really like the new Clover Trace n' Create Quilt Templates for Dresden Plate and Fan Quilts. This is one of those tools that although some might think it is a step backward, it actually has been a long time coming. These templates help you cut accurate wedges for your Dresden Plates and when you cut accurately your plates come out nice and flat. I haven't got to the circle part yet so I can't tell you too much about that, but it will be interesting to see how well it works. And if you take a moment and go to the Clover web site you will be able to see a video Nancy Zieman  has made abut  working with these templates. Worth the few minutes you spend watching it. So check it out!

Well I am off to sew my 120 wedges together and finish my table runner so have a great day and I hope you have sunshine to enjoy!

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