Friday, July 23, 2010

Quilting is all about Friendships

Our retreat design wall.

I was browsing through some pictures this morning, trying to see if there was a picture of a quilt that I hadn't shown you yet, and I came across this picture of the projects my friend Aimee and I did at retreat last year. We had so much fun working on those table toppers. On Sunday morning, the final day of our retreat, we challenged each other to take a pattern out of a magazine, increase the size of the blocks and make it before we left retreat that day. There were some tense moments as we waited for irons (no one got hurt!) but all of a sudden we had completed the project and it was time to go home. I am not sure who won, that didn't seem to matter, but the fun of it was definitely the challenge.

And that reminds me... at the last meeting of Nifty's in June, Aimee handed me a little package and said.... "have a nice summer". I better look more closely at that. Pretty sure it's not a Gift!!! LOL

This little cat wall hanging was a gift from Cathy, another Nifty quilting buddy. I had sent her a piece of fabric as a little something one mother's day as she has been a great friend to me and a supper big help with Nifty's.  A while later I received this at a Nifty's meeting and thought it came from my secret sister. It wasn't until the secret sisters had been revealed that I found out that this cute little wall hanging had come from Cathy and that it was made from the fabric I had sent her... I totally missed that... LOL.  This hung in my back hall for a couple of years and I don't think anyone ever saw it, so  I moved it into my sewing room where I can look at it every day.
This cute little mini was made by a guild member, Brynhild, for our Little Quilts Auction in 2009. It is so adorable and in my colours, I had to buy it! She told us she had made one for the auction and liked it so much she had to keep it. I was very disappointed when I heard that, until she pulled out a second one and gave it to the auction. I bid high enough I didn't think anyone else would bid on it, and I won! Ii put two little magnets in the hanging sleeve and hung it up on my fridge so I could enjoy it everyday. I have a little Amish theme going on in my kitchen and it fits in quite nicely.

Last but not least is this little mini made by Sheila that I bought at the same auction. Every Wednesday, 4 of us get together and hand sew and we had gotten into doing Grandmother's Flower Gardens. We each have a couple of them now and we are all getting a little sick of them but this project was one that Sheila worked on while she was at my house. I knew from the minute she started it I would have to have it. It hangs proudly in my sun room where we work every Wednesday and I love it. Sheila framed it in an old wooden frame and it is indeed a work of Art!

I love the mini's and I have more, but no pictures so I can't share any other's that I have purchased. But what I can say is that even though I quilt and people have loved my little gifts to them, I am more proud of the quilts that hang in my home made by other people than I am of my own stuff.  Quilting is all about family,  friendships and comfort and I am glad I am a quilter!

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