Monday, July 26, 2010

Cabin Gardens, Quilts and other comforts.

Cabin Gardens in it's new home

I finished my Log Cabin Runner, pieced, quilted and BOUND!!! and it has its new home. I love it, although there are some changes I will make in my pattern... I think I put too many flowers around it,but I was imagining my home surrounded by flowers and I wish I had way more than I do. Those flowers on the runner are, in fact, the only flowers I can't' kill, all though I was having some trouble with my machine while I was stitching them and there were some moments that I would have like to. At any rate I am totally satisfied with the final project and will have the pattern ready this week.

I also worked on my new Dresden plate using the Clover templates and I am really pleased with the way it is looking. All my 240 wedges are sewn turned and pressed, now I just need to get them sewn together into plates and the lions share of that quilt will be done. I enjoy making the wedges. It's pleasant easy mindless work and the turning gets done in front of the TV... Jays and a double header = lots of turning time. I finished one block so I am posting some "eye candy" for you.

I worked on my long arm for the first time in a long time and all though it was hard and I ended up with a bit of a headache, it's a start. I want to get back to quilting as I found I really like the time I spend on my machine... just disappointing that it still makes me dizzy and I still get headaches from it... but I am going to continue plugging away. I used my Invisafil in the bobbin and it worked sooooo well and Tutti on the top. It's a variegated 50 wt cotton and I didn't have one problem quilting that runner.

This week I am going to get caught up on some challenges that I am behind in... That's my goal... I have 3 blocks I need to do, Aimee's little summer challenge, and the Nifty Circle challenge, and that plan has jumped out of my head and into EQ7, so I am not far from cutting my first piece.

This weekend I went to Walmart and found all kinds of fun stuff that I had been looking for. It's all in the school supply area, and of course it would be available at this time of year. These are just a few of the things I bought, but they are all goodies that I love so i bought a year's supply so I won't run out until next year when the school supplies come out.

I bought... Elmer's clear glue, clear glue double ended glue sticks, a new Elmer's glue stick that looks like the Fons and Porter Glue sticks... I LOVE ELMER'S GLUE!!! then I got a few Staedtler white latex free erasers and some Staedtler pencils which erase really easy so they are great for marking your quilts.  And I bought some Crayola Twisters for some crayoning I want to do this year and today I am going back to look at their binders and covers and some more GLUE!!!

What a great weekend this was! Now I am off to drink coffee on my porch and read a new quilt magazine I bought yesterday that I haven't even had time to look at ... Talk to you soon!

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