Sunday, July 11, 2010


The Advanced second attempt at making this quilt. the outside border still isn't attached, that will be done tonight and hopefully quilted and bound by Wednesday. It will be a gift, so I need to get it done!

Well the heat wave persists, although, it was more comfortable yesterday, but it is looking pretty hot already today. I am not complaining... yet, but it is hard to accomplish anything when you are feeling so totally drained by the heat.

Friday we had rain and Thunderstorms so I did manage to sew. I made this lovely little wall hanging for the second time... only this time I did it right. I still had a few issues with my piecing. It was done by the Square-in-a-Square method and although I am getting to like it more and more all the time, it is still a lot like paper piecing. One time you do this and the next time you do that. Mostly wrong is right and pay attention or you will be doing it again. So, will I make another one? Already in the works. Only this time I am going to make the beginners model, not try and attempt the advanced project again! AND... I am definitely going to join my friend Marg's Square-in-a-Square club. she knows all the tricks and once she showed me one or two of them, this project was a lot easier. the top one is my new one, the one to the right is my first attempt... can you see the difference in the center block?

I don't have any time to talk notions today as I am off to the Picton Quilt Show. I am sure you have no idea how much time it takes me to write these everyday, but it is quite a long process, So you will have to wait till tomorrow for my last piece of the puzzle. I will say however, I got all my Best Press in and I now officially have it in every size, AND, I got the new EQ7. I loaded it on to my lap top and the first thing I tried, was an improvement. So I will have fun playing with it, when i have time.

Anyway, gotta run. My ride will be here soon and I am still in PJ's. So talk to you tomorrow!

Shown below is the Picton Quilt Show Raffle quilt that I am going to win today when i go to the show!!!!

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Daphne said...

Well I couldn't see much difference except the blue triangles in the corner of each block weren't matching in size. Is that it?
Mind you a blind man would be pleased to see it. It's very nice.