Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I think Mondays should be banned!

I was so addicted to Amish patterns, and this was one of my favorites. I used it as a table cloth for a long while but it is flannel backed and became too cozy for the table.

Yesterday was a crazy day for me. I made a list, I had so much to do. Susan needed me to sit with the kids while she went to the doctor in the afternoon and so I wanted to get as much done prior to going to her house as possible... I HAD A LIST!

She called me at 8 am to tell me she had been up all night with flu, could I come and sit with the kids so she could get some sleep. At first I was a little grouchy about it, because I had a list, but I went, put a smile on my face and had a really pleasant day with my granddaughters. AND, I still have my list. So, today will be a very busy day instead.

My daughter gave me this picture yesterday of my granddaughter in the snow... "that's OK honey... we like summer too"... reminded me not to complain about the heat any more!!! tee hee

One bad thing that did happen yesterday, was Susan found out little Ethan, who will join her family some time late August, is breach. I had planned to go to Alberta to my nieces wedding right around the time Susan was due, but if he stays breach, I may have to reconsider. I know, it's her 3rd baby, but still, she is my baby and I think she will be less concerned about everything if she knows I am here. Anyway, we are waiting for her next appointment to see what the little charmer is going to do, then I will make my decision.

I got my copy of the new EQ7 on Friday and finally installed it on Sunday. The first thing I tried was a vast improvement from EQ6 so I am stoked to try some other stuff. Maybe I will make up a little pattern and share it with you, although my free tote on the web site hasn't been running out the door, maybe you will like this little runner I have in mind. Stay tuned!

I also got my mat cleaners, and this new rotary blade that I have been waiting for so they will be going to the web store today, I hope. And I now have all the colours of Invisifil and Tutti Threads available... hopefully they will all be posted in the next few days as well.

and I owe you one more new product...

Day 5... The Sew n' Sharp Needle Sharpening Pad.

A few years ago, I was at the Needlework Festival in Toronto and I bought this little gadget that I thought would be a great addition to my sewing room. It was for sharpening pins, hand needles and sewing machine needles. Well it didn't work very well. In one of my blogs I decided to mention it and went looking for a picture. I couldn't find one. But what I did find, was that the company had redesigned it and made it into a pad that you could sew on either by hand or machine. So I ordered one and tried it and then I immediately called him back and ordered 1000 more...( well maybe 25).

This is an amazing addition to your sewing room. It adds life to pins that get a little burred from doing the great "no-no"! sewing over them with your machine needle, and it is so perfect for getting the little burrs and gunk off your sewing machine needle. If you use any fusibles, (other than Mistyfuse of course) you will love this pad.

Here is how it works. Take the thread out of your needle, ( you can leave it in if you prefer) and sew back and forth on this pad till your needle is sharp again! For pins or hand sewing needles, just run them through the pad till the burrs are gone. Now it won't solve every problem, but the majority of the burrs disappear! I have started running my sewing machine needle through it every day before I start my actual sewing, just as a little preventative medicine.

The negatives: I tore the little cardboard end off mine and now I can't hang it anywhere. Next time I will leave that on!

USA sharpeners makes great rotary blade sharpeners as well and I will have them all up on my web site within a week.

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