Sunday, June 6, 2010 or is it?

Dancing Logs... I lost all my pictures of this quilt, but it was gorgeous.
I gave it to my Grandson Kyle and he loved it!

Well after all the excitement of last week I decided to come back to Blogspot. I worked so hard getting my blog up on my web site and then it died yesterday. My friend Laila emailed me to tell me she couldn't get on the site and finally when I took a moment today... neither could I!!!

I have never been so baffled by anything as I have been controlling this web site... Once I get one thing up and working something else pouts and dies... grrrrrr. Anyway, I decided that Blogspot has worked for me so well in the past, I decided to come back to it, start a new blog and delete my old one... I will put a link to this one on the other blog and after a while, I will delete it and everything will be here, from now on. You can get to this site from my web page or you can get to my web page from here... (just haven't figured that out yet.) For now I won't mess with a good thing. The only regret I have, is all that work I did on the other blog has been eaten up by Cyper space and at this very moment, there is no sign of it spitting it back.

Today I spent the complete, whole, from start to finish, almost, day in my sewing room. I sewed so much, I got a neck ache. So Sue and I went to Bingo.. LOL... didn't win, but I got rid of the neck ache. Maybe I will go back and sew for a bit. I would really like to get this sampler done. So I am on super sew mode! Only 4 more blocks to go, but one of them is paper piecing... I wonder what my friend Cathy is doing?

It rained all weekend which was great because I didn't have to water my plants. It's one of those small miracles that it rains occasionally so ALL my plants don't die. As soon as I saw the rain drops I sent all my plants out to play. They seem very happy out there, maybe I will just leave them there... LOL

I spent all weekend looking through notion catalogues... can't believe how many notions there are, must be THOUSANDS!!!! I made 4 samplers blocks today and probably used 6 or 7 notions... go figure! But it proves my point, (the one I made last week that said... notions come and go, but the tried and true stay the same for a long, long time.) And so this weekend when I was thinking about ordering, I ordered a few new notions, but mostly I ordered the tried and true. Can't wait to get my on-line store up and running. Thought it might happen this weekend, but I sewed instead, and I am sure you all can understand that.

It's my Mom in Spruce Groves Birthday tomorrow... She reads my blog so I want to wish her a Happy Birthday!! Of course I will send her my real love tomorrow, but I hope she has a great, great day!

And I hope you do too... I won't have time to be on here tomorrow, 2 doctors appointments, lunch with a friend, afternoon babysitting, and a Guild meeting tomorrow night... wow, I didn't feel busy till I typed all that, but have a nice day... I will see you Tuesday morning with some great news I want to share!

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