Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Kyle's Quilt. My grandson loves his Harry potter quilt.
Now I have to start planning his brothers quilt!

Well, I am finally back. As you know I went away last Thursday and, well to say the least, I have been on a little bit of a roller coaster ride ever since. For the first time in 37 years I sang happy birthday to the boy who I gave birth to 40 years ago. It was emotional for both of us and a little surreal, but I have to say, although I have thought of him every year since I gave him up for adoption, this was the thing I missed the most... celebrating his birthday with him. Now, I have many more to look forward to and I am extremely grateful for that.

Last night was our annual June potluck for the Nifty's and my cheeks are still sore. We laughed so much there was hardly a dry pair of undies in the whole group! (we are almost all at that age, you know!) First we ate and once again, I have to say, this is one fine group of cooks! The food was delicious and there was lots to eat. Then we did our show and tell and block exchange. We revealed our secret sisters and it was very interesting how surprised we all were with who are secret sisters were. And last but not least, we did our "Tacky Gift" exchange. It was hilarious! These girls really know how to party, not to mention that they are all great quilters as well! (Here's a picture of some of us Nifty's at Camp! (And I am surprised... not a quilt in site!!! What's wrong with that picture))

Fun things are starting to happen around here. I received my first shipment of the AccuQuilt GO! Fabric Cutter and some of their fabulous dies. I am amazed at how easy it is to use (I managed about 5 minutes the other day before I had to start cooking for the pot luck!) and just the fact that you can cut 6 or more layers at a time, is incredible. Some of the applique patterns that I have wanted to do are looking pretty easy right now, all I have to do is find the time. Yesterday I called AccuQuilt to see if I could order some more cutters and they will be out of stock for 4 weeks... Good For Them!!!! Business is booming! So if your interested in getting one of these great machines for your fall sewing, now is the time to place your order so I can get them in as soon as they are available. And if you can't wait... I have a couple in stock. Go to my web store at http://www.mystore.notionnanny.ca/ or contact me at gail@notionnanny.ca to get more information on this great quilting tool! I love Gadgets... did I tell you that I LOVE GADGETS!!!!!!

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