Tuesday, June 29, 2010


OK, I am wondering if starting your day out, not knowing what the heck your planning on doing all day isn't better than laying in bed, late at night wondering why you are trying to figure out what you are going to do tomorrow, when you are so tired from doing today that all you want to do is go to bed and never get up! And, when you plan to do something, like make a list before you go to bed, you should add, LAST night, that sometime tomorrow you will take a piece of paper and a pen up to place beside your bed SO when you go to bed, you can make a list for the day after!!!!!!!

It was a GREAT idea, while it lasted!

I have 6 number 1's on my list. Every time I wrote something down I thought it was more important than the thing I wrote down before it. After a while I just numbered everything #1. This morning I realized, that I forgot a lot of important things on my list. #1. Breathing; that seems to me to be a very important part of a day, don't you think? #2 Eating; also very important. #3 Watch the Ball game; not so important considering what the Jays are up to these days, but it didn't appear on my list anywhere.  #4 Spending time with the Grandchildren; Actually more important than all three of the others... I think I will move it to #1... no breathing is more important than grandchildren, and eating is pretty important... oh WHATEVER! I have had it with these lists!

I am about to restart my life's journey, with out a list and hopefully everything I NEED to get done will get done!

I am so excited about this new thread I have been ordering. I am almost totally out of stock on the INVISAFIL and had to re-order yesterday and when I did, I ordered every colour. Can't wait for it to arrive. It's such a great thread and has so many uses. Its the best thread to put in your bobbin for machine embroidery, machine applique or machine quilting and if you use it on top of your machine where you would normally use invisible thread I guarantee you will love it. There is no shine where you have stitched just this wonderful almost invisible thread. And it seems to bury itself deep down in the fibres, never to be seen again.  It's 110 wt 2 ply soft polyester and it can be ironed and if you have a long arm or other high speed sewing machine it is ideal for using on them. 

And if you are looking for variegated thread, Check out my shop in the next few days. I have ordered a full line of the TUTTI, 50 wt cotton variegated thread. It is beautiful thread for quilting or embroidery and comes in 41 shades.  Go to  www.wonderfil.net for more information on these great threads.

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