Friday, June 25, 2010

And the Earth Shakes!

Apparently, we had an earth quake here the other day. I didn't feel it, but Victor said he felt it in Trenton. The woman across the street from me said it woke her out of a sound sleep; rattled her windows apparently. The only thing I wondered is how any one had time to sleep in the middle of the afternoon!!!

Yesterday was going to be a sew day at my Friend Marg's new shop. I am not sure when I can officially stop calling it "new". Maybe after her Grand Opening on Saturday. Check out my website for more information on how to get to her shop.

Anyway, didn't get to be a sew day, more like a gab fest. I saw some old, dear friends at the store and we had a great chat. One of them in particular is a friend who weaves. I always wanted to learn how to weave, but never made the step. I am pretty glad now as she has given up quilting to weave and I could never give up quilting. But I promised to go to her house some time soon and see all her new stuff.

When I got home I had a parcel waiting at my door; more treasurers for my store. I decided, that I have a problem.  I mean really, who gets excited over rulers and pins and SEAM RIPPERS! It's an addiction! I unpacked the box, stroked each lovely notion, read the instructions, and placed them carefully in their new beds. Its amazing the satisfaction you can get just from opening a box! Some of my new toys will be posted to this weekend but today is my day off! I refuse to touch anything new! I have a gift to make for tomorrow and I need to get busy and do it.

Victor has been away for the week and I figured I would have a very productive week. My friend Laila must have been super motivated after I left her on Tuesday. She sent me a list of all the stuff she finished this week and my head was spinning just trying to keep up. Way to go! Laila.

I need to clean my desk off! That will be my first job today! Have a great weekend.


Heather said...

Hi Gail,
Thanks for posting the link on Maple Leaf. I added it to the link file and hopefully other members will find their way here. I am looking forward to your opinions on notions and such. Can't always believe the magazines.

Notion Nanny said...

Thanks Heather... glad to see you found your way here...