Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday.... ahhhhhh

"My Kinda House Plant"

I love Fridays. it's the end of another glorious week. I managed to do some sewing and some gardening this week.

Wednesday night my granddaughter slept over and when we got up yesterday morning, we had a job to do. Opa and Mya had planted sunflower seeds in a pot and they had grown almost a foot high. They needed to be planted. So off we went.

Mya who is just 4 past, is a dainty little thing and hopefully I will be able to teach her how to quilt someday, because she will never be a gardener, (much like her Oma). First, we needed gloves. I always wear gloves when I garden. I am not one of those people who enjoy the feel of dirt, sifting through my fingers. And if I needed them so did she. I managed to find a pair of Opa's work gloves and I put those on and she wore my gloves. Once we got out side, I had to carry her across the grass because it was wet and she was getting grass and dirt on her feet. There was a rock about 5 feet away from the little patch of soil that we were planning on putting the flowers into and she perched herself on the rock and sent directions my way. I asked her to come and dig the hole but she didn't want to get dirt on my gloves... and so I dug the hole and planted the plants while she banged the little shovel I had given her on the rock. After we were all done I carried her back to the porch and she looked over on "her" little garden and said, "I can't wait till Opa sees how good I planted our flowers". Next time he can help her "garden" and I will stay inside to quilt!

Today I am planning on planting another kind of garden. I have some Misty Fuse which I have been dyeing to try and so I am going to do a little floral something to hang on my wall. I want a quick, done today project, so I may have to improvise, but by tomorrow I suspect I will have it done. I read all the instructions for using Misty Fuse I could find and I suspect it will be a great product to use. Can't wait to try it!

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Daphne said...

Ah yes. The best kind of house plant. The kind that never needs watering. Mum