Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday...It's a new week!

This is my New York Beauty which is way more finished than this, but it is one of the quilts that will go on the frame this week for sure!

I am so looking forward to this week. I am planning on getting so much done.  Here is my list.

1. Get book work out of the way!
2. Sew for at least 3 hours each day!!
3. Quilt 2 quilts on my long arm!!!
4. Walk at least 20 minutes each day listening to Neil Diamond and humming along!!!!

This weekend I was watching the Quilt Show with Laura Cater-Woods. I am afraid her work is a little too artsy for this traditional old quilter, but she did make some interesting points. (this is a picture of her work from her blog

The one that stuck in my head the most is when she said she likes to make her list of things to do, last thing at night, before she goes to bed. That way, her mind isn't processing all that stuff throughout the night and she sleeps and rests. And the "things to do" have a place to rest all night as well. I often have that problem where I go to bed at night with a thousand thoughts of what to do the next day or what I need to accomplish and spend most of the night hashing things over. By the time I get up, nothing has a sense or purpose and I go to bed the next night with many of the same tasks sitting in my head. Well my brain is messed up enough as it is without adding all that stress to it, so I plan to try this technique. Starting today!
The second thing I liked was when she was asked, "where do you get your inspiration from?" she said, "She is inspired everyday, by the things and people around her". What a great way of looking at it. I think sometimes we are so busy looking for inspiration we miss the trees for the forest. So I am going to walk, listen to Neil Diamond or Ed Ames, and get inspired ( or lose weight, which ever comes first. LOL)

Last but not least, she reminded me to tell you about Misty Fuse. It is such a great product and I like it way better than Steam a Seam ( lite or any other version). I have tried it and it is marvellous to use. Easy and forgiving as well as not gummy when you sew with it and it has so many great uses besides good old stick and paste applique! I ordered three kinds, black, white and Ultra violet and they will be up on my web store today. They are sold by the yard and once you try them you will never look back. I will put the instructions  for use of each up on my website, a new section which I will get going today  so you will always have a place to go to find out how to use the notions, that you have lost the instructions for.  I do it all the time and I bet you do too.

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