Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Trapunto Pillow, using coloured felt for the trapunto

OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!! I have been so busy the last 2 days... I am not sure whether or not I am still breathing! In fact, I was so tired at 5 o'clock last night that I fell asleep in the chair and missed the ball game (which really wasn't much to miss from,after I saw the score!) and slept right through the night. I just can't believe how much there is to do when you are starting a new business.

The other day, my brother came up stairs and asked me if I was just going to live on the computer from now on. I told him what I was doing and he said, "Good thing you finally got yourself something to do because all you ever do is lay around on the couch all day and do nothing"! Let me assure you that his black eye is healing nicely! (That's him reeling from the blow!)

But really, they say if you want something done you should ask a busy person, but this busy person is going to have to learn to say no! For a little while, this business is going to take up all my time and resources, so "NO! (blanket no, to cover all future enquiries!) OK, well maybe!

Yesterday, I got my first delivery. I didn't realize that all that money would come in such a small box! and when I opened it, half the box was empty boxes, filling space. But, I have to say when I got into the meat and potatoes , there is something to be said for that first moment when you see and feel those beautiful notions coming out of the box. Well let's just say, one might need a private moment!

I love notions, not the ordinary ones like the ones you have to have... irons, rulers, cutters, (well maybe I love them just a little!), but the extraordinary, "Gotta have that one", type of notions. The ones that fill your boots when you use them. The ones you can tell your friends about. Sometimes it's not even a new product or idea. Sometimes it's a discovery you make when you try something that has been hanging around for a while and find out it really does what it says it will do and then you find an exclusive to you idea that makes your heart pound and you think, "why didn't I think of that before". It's a great way to start a sewing day and I suggest you all dig deep and find that wonderful notion, hidden in the recesses of your sewing room, drag it out to the light of day and try it. If you can't find the instructions for it... don't call me, I've lost mine, too!

I told you I would have some news for you, but unfortunately, I can't share today as it hasn't really happened yet. And now it probably won't happen until next week, so I don't want to Jinx it.

What I can tell you is that I have my website up and running FINALLY, and as abbreviated as it is, it's here!

I added my shop on Monday night at 2 am... just as a test, but I am taking it off for a few days so I can get the products up on to it. Believe it or not, it took me hours to get the few things I have there, onto the site. So hopefully I will get time this weekend to do some more.

And best of all, I am off to Guelph for Kevyn's 40th birthday. First time in 37 years, that I will have a chance to wish him a happy birthday, in person. Look at me, I am crying already! But I will have time to work on my blog while I am away so you will hear all about it!

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