Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sew Fest...

I just got back from Laila's and I had the best time ever. (forgot my camera, so no pictures... boo who!) Everyone should have a sew fest with a good friend, especially when you are having it at such a beautiful spot My friends have a cottage with a beautiful view across the lake and plenty of nature to enjoy. The wildlife isn't wild there, in fact, a blue jay almost snatched a peanut right out of Ed's hands. Not to mention the racoon, who I now know was a mommy from her begging pose, came and gently scratched on the screen door looking for her nightly supper. I saw an Eagle soaring over the lake and a mother Loon with her 2 babies swimming peacefully by. But the best part was watching the daddy woodpecker, feed his baby and teach him how to "peck' on the tree... And in between all that, I managed to get some sewing done!

I worked on a little Square in a Square project. (the one on the front cover of this book), first time I had ever used the ruler and I really liked it. It's like paper piecing without the paper. A lot of waste though, so if you are anal about wasting fabric, it may not be the project for you. But if you like paper piecing, you will love Square in a Square. The project I was doing started out to be 9 blocks and ended up being 4. Not sure how I missed the part that said "advanced" (it was sort of the name of the book... LOL) when I was choosing the block, but I did. And reading is a very important part of doing the techniques. I suggest if you can't (or don't) read instructions, you might want to try the beginners techniques. The pictures are excellent, but they don't tell the whole story. My project is a little lopsided, and I was going to hide it permanently from all enquiring eyes, but I have decided, that the ten foot rule will have to apply! Nanny says, "Stand back from my quilt!". For viewings, you will have to travel to the upstairs bathroom. Seems to me the walls may just be slanted enough up there to make this little quilt look perfect!

After almost completing the square in a square, I made another bucket tote. This time with beige fabrics and 6 inch squares. I love this tote! I think I have made 6 of them. I will have to source that pattern and add it to my store. Hopefully I will have it lined by tomorrow so I will post a picture then. In the mean time here is a link to a thread holder that is made in pretty much the same way
These make great gifts so check it out!

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