Monday, February 25, 2013

I finally got to sew!

I have been trying for two weeks to find a whole day that I could just sew. I have several projects that need to be finished and I haven't had two minutes to myself.

Yesterday started out good, I had really good intentions. But then it happened. I found something else that needed doing.

What a mess!

Poor Victor! I dragged him out of his cozy chair and two hours later, he had redone, my cutting/ironing table and gave me this...

My New table..

The table is 20 inches wider and about 10 inches shorter. I can now get all the way around the table and I have space to do things other than cutting or ironing!

Eventually I did sew.... I finished my Inklingo block. Now I have to print another two to work on... I think it will be a runner.. so three will be the limit. Its beautiful. I haven't done the background yet because I don't really know how it will look when it is finished so I will do that later. But in the mean time it is very pretty to look at!

Inklingo Rose Star 12 inch

Then I put together my mug rug!   I don't know where my brain was when I started this project. I didn't check size and didn't put two and two together while cutting all the pieces that possibly this might be a little bigger than a mug rug. The pattern ( check my newsletter, under St. Patricks Day Projects) was called a candle mat, and I tell you, that would be one big candle to sit on this mat! LOL

Directions... no, no, no.  Just look at the pictures... you will be fine!

But I finished them up and I will use them for March on the table between Victor and I . They actually turned out really nice... just big!

My "big" Mug rugs
I am having fun with the Baltimore Christmas  quilt I am making. I have almost completed block 1, but still lots of work to do. Mostly sewing now.

Baltimore Christmas block 1

While I was making the "mats" I thought of a couple of tips to share with you.

Do You know your machine can be a third hand when you need one. Just pop the project under the dropped foot and it will hold it in place while you do what needs to be done

In my case, I needed to tie those threads that I had brought from the front. Worked like a charm!

And my second tip is: The perfect thread picker upper.

I hate when there are threads on my backing fabric or design wall, so I use this little cat hair brush to pick them up.
Wahl Cat Brush

After I have them all collected, this brush has a little button you push that pushed the threads off the little "teeth". Its perfect! I have two, just in case one goes off, looking for a Cat!

Got all the threads

I don't recommend you use it on batting though.. that didn't work very well!


Karin said...

love your sewing area.

Gayle said...

You have a wonderful sewing room, Thanks for the great tips, so simple, just need to be told. ha, ha.

AimeeDP said...

table makes so much more sense in that direction, i'm inspired to make things a little more ergonomic in my sewing (messy) room!