Monday, February 11, 2013

"It's A Good Thing!"

I am having so much fun with this new thing that really is an old thing that I just rediscovered!

A few weeks ago I came across something I really liked at Quilt Obsession so I messaged her and found out she has been using Inklingo!
Inklingo Free Shape Collection

I bought an apple core pattern there a few years ago, but never did it (actually I forgot about it) so I went to the site and browsed around and bought her "Rose Star Pattern" and have been having a ball with it. It's so fun to have a little hand sewing project, although I could be doing it by machine.

The fabrics I choose
 I am really enjoying the block and although I am not totally pleased with my fabric choices, I think it will be pretty non the less. I suspect it will be the front of a bag when I am done, but I can't confirm that as yet.

My printed piece.
See those stitching lines.
Makes everything easy!

The printing went fairly well. I had one mishap and of course it was on the white fabric. Must have been an errant thread because it created quite a jam.

Almost done.
At any rate... subscribe to my newsletter and read all about Linda as she is my feature Blogger this month, I choose her because she is Canadian and a quilting entrepreneur and I would love to help her build her customer base. Her patterns aren't expensive and they are all very easy to do and her instructions are detailed and easy to follow. I can't imagine how much time they save you and unlike paper pieced projects, there seems to be very little fabric waste. And they are all down loadable... instant gratification!!!! Love it.

PLUS -  I needed to make a bag to carry the pieces in.  Remember these bags.  I made a few last week and have a couple more in the works this week. LOL. I am so hooked on these bags and I get to practice my machine Quilting! (which is horrible. what a learning curve going from the Gammil long arm to the domestic machine. But I shall persevere)

I still need to finish the binding... boo hoo!

I had some "mile-a-minute" blocks that I made a few years ago which I lost interest in really fast and they will make some great little bags. I think I have about 6 more, so you will see them in the future.

you can see the block on the back
and my quilting (which needs to improve!)


Cathi said...

Inklingo really is brilliant, isn't it? All those wonderful collections make so many wonderful quilt designs possible!

Cathi said...

I tried to click through to your newsletter from your blog but got an invalid URL message.

Notion Nanny said...

Fixed... Thanks