Saturday, February 23, 2013

The problem I am having is....

Last night before I went to bed I spent a few hours on the computer working on my newsletter.

I went to bed at midnight, but my mind did not! I slept soundly for a few hours, but by three I was seeing blog sites in my dreams. By 4 I was wide awake, and if I had been smart, I would have gotten up and gone to sew. But no... I spent the last two hours reading blogs which seriously just makes my brain go faster.. Now I have a headache and desperately need coffee!!

Today, is going to be a sew day! I have this Christmas runner to finish ( I wish I knew where to find that Christmas challenge) and 2 little St. Pats day mug mats to make, I want to sew a few more kitchen towel holders, a scissor case, a few little bibs for a new baby in the neighbourhood, finish block one of my Thursday quilt-a-long, start block two ( i am behind) finish my bag that I embroidered the front of a week ago finish quilting my ball quilt... Why am I laying in bed? I have way too much o do!

Christmas table runner

Block 1

Embroidery for front panel of my bag

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