Wednesday, February 6, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Busy day today.
1.  I cut my nickels that I traded for at Nifty's on Monday night into China AsterWedges.

2. Sorted them into light medium and darks!

3. Sewed the wedges into points.

China Aster Wedges

Hexi`s for Christmas Table Cloth

4. Cut out more hexi's for my Christmas tablecloth.

5. Sewed the scraps from the wedges into blocks.

Hexi Orb
6. Made a background block for my Classic Santa
7. Looked at my hexi orb... no quilting today!

Hexi Center
8.Finished my Hexis Center (not sure what it is going to end up being).

9.Added more product to my web store.

10. Blogged!

11. Worked on my Newsletter.

12. Went to bed!

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