Thursday, July 7, 2016

The great finishing...

Warning... Picture  Heavy!

Here are most of the projects I have finished since camp. Almost all were in different stages of being complete before camp. All most all are waiting to be quilted. So my UFO pile got smaller. My quilt top pile is huge.

Cute little table topper I started after camp
Heather Hughes was my inspiration
Right after I finished it I remembered I had the quilt b
from MSQC  started. 

Table runner. quilted and bound

this quilt was half finished before camp
Started two years ago
Table Runner I made at camp. Finished and bound
This quilt was started before my granddaughter
Ella was born. She will be 10 in November
This table topper was actually started after camp.
Inspired by my friend Sue Fiddes
Nickels were given to me as a challenge from Aimee
This was the second hockey quilt I made 3 years ago for my grandsons
I found a firefighter panel and made it for one of them
this one was quilted 2 years ago.  Now it is finished, quilted and bound
This is a wall hanging I started a lot of years ago for my sister
I have it all done, but can't find the pattern for the music notes.
I am going to down load some clip art and get it done!
Another finished and quilted but never bound. Its bound now.
This little quilt was made about 4 years ago.
I quilted and bound it in one day. Makes you wonder

This is a Missouri quilt company quilt I started a couple of camps ago.
The top is done. 102 x 102"
Just finished this week
I started this wheel of Mystery when Susan moved into her house
as a house warming present. That was 7 years ago.
I started this quilt at camp this year.
It is quilted and bound. (Quilted on my embroidery machine.)


quiltlady said...

Hey Gail, you are quilting up a storm since camp. Enjoyed seeing all your projects. And to think you have so many finished and bound! I have developed a bad habit of making items and they are not quilted either. Maybe I should develop a good habit and finish them, don't you think?

NotionNanny said...

Thanks Cathy. I have a new technique for binding my quilts by machine and I am really liking it. I think I mentioned it in one of my previous blogs. You would like it as well. lets get together sometime and I will show you how it works.

It has been very rewarding finishing some of these quilts. Some have been hanging around for a very long time.

AimeeDP said...

Just wow, inspiring!!!