Thursday, July 7, 2016

Another almost finished, and two great notions.


Remember the other day when I said I was going to finish that quilt... well it got finished. I just haven't had a chance to post the picture. I just love this quilt. Can't wait to get it quilted.

Lakeview. Such a pretty quilt
Since my last post I have been watching my Grandchildren. Monday night and all day Tuesday I had 5. they spent the whole day in the pool so it wasn't too bad. But thats my Tuesday's for the next 8 weeks. Wednesday, I just had 3. We went to the beach. The kids were so excited to go. We went to this same beach all last summer and they barely contained themselves as we drove the 25 minutes to Beaver lake. We had a great day. I packed a picnic lunch and they swam until it was time to come home. I was exhausted!!!  Came home and right to bed. 

Beaver Lake with the grandkids

I have to tell you about these two great notions I own.I  have been using them a lot lately while doing all this appliqué.

First there is my self threading needle or as Leah Day calls them... cheater needles. Who could live without them when doing machine appliqué of any nature, or machine quilting. So easy to tie off those threads when you can thread the top one in a needle quickly and pull it to the back of your work.
Self threading needles

I love these needles but I was going through a lot of them. Not because they got dull or bent, but because I would put them in with my other needles or in my pin cushion and they would be impossible to find. Then one day last week I was watching Leah Day on The Quilt show and she was using these needles and keeping them on this cute little gadget...

the Pin Place/ Scissoor Spot.
I immediately reacted because, of course, I had one of those. But I had shoved it in a drawer somewhere because it didn't really suction cup nicely to anything. But... it is the perfect place to store my self-threading needle. (In fact, Leah Day even mentioned that the suction part didn't work well for her either.)

Tomorrow I am going to try and finish my butterflies and basket quilt, make an apron and start a baby quilt for my daughter-in-laws new nephew. They were keeping his identity a secret from us all and although he was born on Saturday last week, he had a few minor issues and they haven't introduced him yet. Hopefully I will get the quilt ready for him this coming week! No babysitting until Tuesday next week so I hope to get lots done.

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