Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sew day!

Yesterday, I spent the whole day working on my project for the "Put A Stamp On It",  blog hop which will start in a few weeks.  I can't show you it yet, but I can tell you, that my mind is an incredible thing... It thinks something will be easy, and won't take hardly any time, but the reality is... I really didn't get close to my imagination today.

Making a stamp is very difficult. You can't just cut some squares, paper piece, or appliqué it, unless you are some amazing, genius, quilter/sewer, which I am not!  I can't wait to see what the other bloggers are doing!

Hopefully, I will get it done on Saturday... Right after my little mini retreat at my friend Laila's cottage...( I can barely wait).

I think I will take this quilt to Laila's.
It would be really good to get it finished!

 But first, I have a mini shop hop with my friends tomorrow. I am looking for a batik jelly roll or two for #18 on my Friday finds post, last week!  (I love that quilt!)

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